Compliance Training Is Not Always Boring

It is that time of the year, where every employee must tick the mandatory courses in compliance training. Some prefer to take the training online while the rest choose offline. Whichever way it is, Compliance Training is fun, says no one ever.

No matter which industry your organisation fits in, legal and regulatory compliance is vital both for the organisation and the employees. Research has shown the positive change the training could bring about some of the large and most successful organisations, especially in this region. Improper or insufficient training could lead to the breaking of laws by the employees and might be costly for the organisation.

Therefore, it is the responsibility of all the organisations in our region to keep their employees trained and this should be recorded, maintained and managed effectively.

Compliance Training is mostly content loaded, not always engaging, no matter how many times it is delivered. Few organisations still cling onto a lecture-based format that the employees fail to appreciate regarding it as boring, a waste of time or even irrelevant. The question then becomes, how do you structure a strategy for Compliance training?

Nowadays we have Learning Management Systems to spice things up. Whether your compliance training budget is small or large, there are plenty of ways to make your training sparkle and stick. Engaging content and instructional design are the key ingredients. Add a pinch of gamification, social learning, and narrative format and your audience will absolutely devour it.

Off -the -shelf, bit-size eLearning courses work well in this scenario, however, there are a few limitations. In this case, customized eLearning programs would work well to suit your organisation’s needs.

Our Compliance Solutions provides a full suite of customizable compliance training solutions that help organisations mitigate risk and enable employees to make the right decisions. Click Here to Learn more and request a demo

Paul Michael Gledhill – CoFounder, XpertLearning

Affordable Leadership Program in Middle East

“Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others” – Jack Welch

Let me start off by quoting one of the most powerful quotes on leadership. That’s how important the right leadership is for the success of any organization and its people. And to bring in the success that you dream of you need to have the right people, the right leaders at the helm. This can definitely be achieved by molding your leaders by offering them the best development programs.

We all want to learn from a top leadership institute, the likes of Harvard, Wharton, London Business School, etc. It would be great to get a degree, diploma or any leadership training that would be brought to you by the best institutes that are available in the world. Sadly, for most of us, this is in the wildest dreams. However, these days with the advent of more and more e-learning it is feasible to be able to access the same sort of content online anytime, anywhere and by the way, this methodology is much more affordable too. “As a graduate of two online leadership schools I strongly recommend online as an option for the cost conscience leadership learner”- says Paul Michael Gledhill, Co-Founder of XpertLearning.

With the new Skillsoft Leadership Development Program(SLDP) you can get access to some of the new competencies within the leadership framework. This program helps organizations in their efforts to develop leaders by providing a scalable, cost-effective, and engaging leadership development experience designed for the modern, digital learner.

The solution is comprised of courses covering 20 of the most critical leadership competencies. Courses average 60 minutes of video-based instruction, each comprised of short 5-8 minutes’ video segments. In addition, learners benefit from an introductory reflective question for appropriate set up, knowledge checks throughout the topics, and a final post-course assessment. The program is designed to cover:

  • Women in Leadership
  • First-Time Managers
  • Individual Contributors and also Executive Education in general so that your top executives can get the information they need to be delivered in an effective, efficient manner.

To learn more about the Leadership Development Program, contact us at to book a demo.

XpertLearning Team

XpertLearning featured in ‘SEWA 30 Management Tips on Customer Delight’ Book

We are delighted to be part of the top 30 customers selected by Sharjah Electricity & Water Authority (SEWA) for their recent publication ‘Top 30 Management Customers Tips’ and share our views on Customer Service and Excellence. 

SEWA 30 Management Tips on Customer Delight is a treasure trove of a wealth of knowledge garnered from years of experience and research of industry thought leaders.

The purpose of this publication is to collect thoughtful insights or tips from globally experienced top professionals.  This book ​entails the secret recipe of the most effective customer experience leaders, providing prescriptive guidance for how to infuse customer-centricity in any organisation.  We are listed on page 47- #21 in this online version of the book attached (click here) as Paul Michael Gledhill – Co-founder, XpertLearning shares his tip on Customer Success.

We value our relationship with SEWA and would like to thank H.E. Dr. Rashid Alleem – Chairman, Sharjah Electricity & Water Authority, to have our views included in this publication and be part of the interactive zone.


XpertLearning supports UAE based F4 driver

Croft Circuit near Darlington in North Yorkshire was the venue for Round 4 of the British F4 Championship, the weather served up both blue skies and torrential rain over the weekend meaning that the XpertLearning sponsored driver, Alex Connor, had a steep learning curve in what is only his third race meeting. 

Alex was not phased by the conditions and started strongly, securing his highest Qualifying position of the season so far. The first race took place in warm sunshine and Alex ran with the leading pack all race finishing 7th overall and taking 2nd place in the Rookie Cup race. By contrast, the second race 3 hours later, was abandoned after less than 2 laps as torrential rain made conditions too dangerous to race. Sunday’s Race 3 had everyone cloud watching as rain was forecast, luckily it stayed dry and Alex had another strong race finishing sixth overall and gained another Rookie Cup podium, this time in Third Place.

The championship moves to Oulton Park in Cheshire for Round 5 at the end of June and XpertLearning will once again be supporting this talented young driver as he builds on his experience and looks to battle for that first overall podium finish. 

Please click here for live updates of the race on 29th/30th June 2019.


XpertLearning Sponsors F4 Racing Driver

XpertLearning the online learning, talent and performance consultancy based in Dubai has sponsored the up-and-coming F4 Driver, Alex Connor.

In a move to sponsor local sports people at grass roots level in the UAE, XpertLearning will be flying the flag for Alex Connor, a UAE born British driver as he battles to win the most coveted prize at the British F4 Championship this season.

Alex has been chosen by Arden Motorsports to race in the British F4 Championship certified by FIA – powered by Ford EcoBoost. It is the UK’s premier single-seater series, the only championship open to 15-year-old drivers and the first step on the FIA single-seater pyramid to F1. The British F4 Championship has established itself as the place for junior drivers from around the globe to embark upon their single-seater careers and make their first strides to F1.

Co-Founder of XpertLearning Paul Michael Gledhill said, “We are delighted with the sponsorship deal which allows us to proudly display our logo on not only Alex’s helmet but also on the racing car. I think there are great opportunities for regional companies like us to support local talent in sport and improve their brand equity.

Always thrilled and excited, let’s hear what Alex had to say, ” It’s a real honour to be racing in such a prestigious championship, especially being based in Dubai. There are 10 Rounds this season, but unfortunately, I was not able to race in the first Round at Brand Hatch, as I was too young by four days!
By the second Round at Donington Park I had turned 15 and was able to race. It was an amazing start to my Rookie Cup championship, with two second place finishes and my first win. The racing was close and very intense, but I really enjoyed it. I can’t wait until the next Round. “

Alex’s next race is at Thruxton in Hampshire on the 17th and 18th May 2019. “Everyone here at XpertLearning wishes him the very best of luck and we look forward to him bringing some of his trophies to the office!” added Paul.


Ejadah Asset Management Group Launches “ADVANZ” their eLearning program.

“Progress is not in enhancing what is, but in advancing toward what will be

Drawing inspiration from the quote by writer, poet, and artist, Khalil Gibran, Ejadah Asset Management Group proudly introduced their eLearning portal, “ADVANZ” on April 8, 2019 at the Head Office. With the aim of advancing employee capability development, they worked with XpertLearning to launch their newest Digital Learning initiative, leveraging from several decades of experience of learning technology leader, Skillsoft.

 Mr. Hussain Ali, Chief Executive Officer, strongly supports the idea of making Ejadah a learning organisation. Together with the leadership team, employees gathered for a quick, informative, and impactful session to debut ADVANZ. Echoing the sentiment of the value of Digital Learning courses was Mr. Tarek Nizameddin, Senior Executive Director – Commercial, he goes on to highlight that online courses and flexible learning are very beneficial.

Mr. Kiran Jacob, HR Director, spoke about the aims of the organisation to support individuals by developing their skills and thanked the team responsible for launching the initiative.

Mr. Paul Michael Gledhill, Executive Director and Co-Founder of XpertLearning, told a story about the 16-year journey of eLearning in the region and the best practices that helped organisations Digitally Transform their learning. 

ADVANZ houses a plethora of eLearning courses, resources, and videos on Business Skills. Most of these courses are aligned to certifications so the learners earn credits, PDUs, CPEs, etc. Personal Development plans are also going to be rolled out to the individuals so that it may cater to their specific needs. The reaction was testament to the hard work put in by the team in carefully curating the learning content made available in the library—everyone was pumped!


The celebration was capped off with photobooth snaps and celebratory cupcakes, with the participants’ excitement about this brand-new initiative that will help them advance themselves to a successful future.

-Katrina Bituin, Learning Consultant-XpertLearning

XpertLearning supports SEWA with their eLearning program launch

The highly anticipated SEWA A eLearning program has arrived!

With the vital endorsement of H.E. Dr. Rashid Alleem, Chairman of  Sharjah Electricity and Water Authority (SEWA), the online learning initiative that aims to promote a culture of self-driven development was launched on 26th February 2019 at the SEWA Academy.

In keeping with the Winning Principles set out by His Excellency, “Teaching and Learning” (#2) and “Learn from Experience” (#3), SEWA A continues to support the professional development of SEWArians with the launch of this new program. 

The day started out with XpertLearning’s Paul Michael Gledhill, Executive Director and Co-Founder, congratulating the pilot team of learners, who will take on the challenge of learning anytime, anywhere—a program that will allow them the flexibility to take control of their learning progress. Paul said, “We are most looking forward to hearing your feedback on learning digitally, especially that this initiative will provide valuable analytical data on how professionals in your sector and industry learn: your preferences, your level of engagement, and the overall knowledge and skill gain within your organisation—data that may be used to measure how you are achieving your business goals and objectives.”

The participants were quite excited going into the SEWA A eLearning Skillport site, asking questions about how to complete courses, the expectations within the 6-month journey, and where to seek assistance, should they need it. 

It is indeed exciting times at SEWA A as they roll out their first digital learning venture. We are all rooting for the team of Pilot Learners for them to achieve success as modern learners!

-Katrina Bituin, Learning Consultant-XpertLearning

Research – Digital Learning, Talent and Performance Management Survey – 2019

Digital Learning, Talent and Performance Survey 2019

Executive Summary

This year as we hosted our 11th Learning CAFÉ ME we were delighted to see new and familiar faces again. The year had been a challenge for Learning and HR professionals but our collective optimism was palpable for the year ahead. This year our topic was “The Age of Learning On-Demand,” and as part of this we offered an opportunity for the audience to share their insights via our annual survey. It was pleasing to see every single person from our esteemed guests participating, which gives us some fantastic data to share with our community.

Overview of Survey

The survey consisted a total of 13 questions and was completed by representatives of 70 large companies within different industries in the UAE. All participants were either Training and Learning Development Specialists or senior HR professionals. More than 60% of the participants stated that some form of Online-Learning was being used within their organisations.

Observations and Highlights

• Around 44% of the organisations surveyed said their L&D budget for 2018 were the same as the previous year, while 19% said it significantly increased.
• Over 55% said online learning had played a significant role in their L&D strategy as 28% said this to be on 50-50 basis.
• 68% agreed that eLearning will exist in the next 5 years.
• Around 61% participants had expressed that video based learning was either important or extremely important as a learning modality.
• Only approximately 15% had deployed social networking for learning with 6% of those unable to correlate any success from this.

SURVEY RESULTS :   Click to download 


SEWA A partners with XpertLearning on their digital learning enhancement

Furthering its dedication to be a continuous innovative learning organisation, Sharjah Electricity & Water Authority (SEWA) is pleased to announce its new partnership with XpertLearning, an Online Learning, Talent and Performance Consultancy and strategic regional partner for Skillsoft, the world’s leading eLearning provider.

With its robust portfolio of online courses, videos, and learning resources, XpertLearning works to help organisations across numerous industries with their Digital Learning journey, while providing an elite user experience – from a rich user interface to a strong level of support in ensuring that the Learning Programs yield tangible results within the organisations. Global organisations are constantly looking to improve their workforce and developing their company’s best assets: its people.  It’s no secret the rapid pace of change impacts different industries in different ways.

With this new collaboration, SEWA stakeholders will have more options to address their employee’s specific training needs, leveraging Skillsoft’s progressive way of learning and the brilliant efforts of the Academy (SEWA A). This gives them access to driving their own learning and development anywhere, anytime.

“SEWA A has hosted a varied form of learning methodologies from classroom to eLearning to enhance the learning experience. Learning is the top-notch priority, and it has been made accessible and available to the SEWArians all-round the year,” said H.E. Dr. Rashid Alleem, SEWA’s Chairman for Learning, who believes that: “Knowledge is power if applied and shared”. Please click here to view his message and more information on SEWA Academy initiative.

“XpertLearning has a deep knowledge and expertise in how companies in the Digital Age learn, which should prove to be extremely valuable for our current and future customers,” said Paul Michael Gledhill, Co-Founder and Executive Director of XpertLearning.  “This partnership aligns with our core strategy to provide the best available solutions to organisations who are willing to thrive in the Digital Age.”

About SEWA A

SEWA A started in January 2017 and is in lines with H.E. Dr. Rashid Alleem, SEWA chairman’s 15 Winning principles practicing the Principle #2 :”Teaching and Learning” and Principle #3:”Learn from Experience.” We have conducted 100+ training programs, attended by 3500+ employees and contributed to 700+ learning hours.

The Academy aims to create a holistic organisation which is in a constant state of learning. Their mission is to drive organisational efficiencies and improve employee productivity, by translating new ideas into tomorrow’s revenue-generating innovations.

-Katrina Bituin, Learning Consultant-XpertLearning

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