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Win Talent

In today’s competitive landscape, organizations face a daunting challenge: filling critical roles with the right talent. In fact, According to a study by Manpower Group, a whopping 75% of employers globally report facing challenges in filling roles. The talent shortage is real, affecting organizations worldwide, regardless of their size.

However, there’s good news—current technology trends can be powerful allies in the war for talent. Let’s explore these major trends and how they can enhance your recruitment and retention efforts.

Tech to Attract Talent

attract talent

AI, big data, automation, and full-scale integrations all simplify the hiring process, helping you focus on what matters more, selecting the right talent and becoming an employer of choice. Here are some of the top benefits tech has to offer for attracting talent. 

  • Customizable Pipelines: Talent acquisition software now allows you to tailor your recruitment pipeline to match your unique processes. With simple, slick drag-and-drop interfaces, managing recruitment for all your open roles becomes seamless.
  • Job Board Posting: Current tech tools enable you to automatically share your job postings on global and local job search platforms, with the click of a button, increasing your job posting outreach.
  • Matching recommendations: AI can sift through hundreds of CVs in a matter of seconds and score candidates’ profiles based on job requirements, to automatically evaluate candidates and facilitate your screening process.
  • Candidates’ Assessment: Current tech tools can administer a wide variety of tests and automatically grade them, enabling the selection of optimal candidates with no human intervention at all.
  • Candidates Profiles Enrichment: AI tools can automatically fetch data from the candidates’ social media profiles to enrich their CVs and help you make a more informed hiring decision.
  • Recruitment on the Go: Mobile apps today allow you to post jobs from your mobile and follow up while on the move. They even allow candidates to apply via their mobile phones, which is a great plus, since, surprisingly, more people today apply for jobs through their phones than one would expect.
  • Career Pages Easy Setup: Tech tools today enable you to create a career page for your organization with no software development expertise, thus, enhancing your employer branding effortlessly.
  • Gamified Hiring Tests: Gamification is now being used to assess candidates’ personal effectiveness skills. This is an excellent way to test candidates’ soft skills as gamification provides a testing environment very close to real-life scenarios.
  • Kanban boards: Tech tools provide you with Kanban boards that offer a comprehensive overview of your recruitment progress across all open roles, helping you stay organized and on top of things.

Remember, not only does embracing these tech trends simplify your hiring process, but it also positions you as an employer of choice.

Tech to Retain Talent

Retain talent

Attracting talent is one challenge, but retaining it requires a different playbook. With the average employee tenure at just 4.1 years, organizations must adopt fresh strategies to keep their hard-won talent. Fortunately, technology offers solutions.

  • Smooth Candidate Onboarding: Current technologies help you track and manage every new hire through every step of the employment experience, from the offer letter issuance to onboarding and beyond. They also help you keep track of onboarding events such as starting dates, probation periods, or end of employment.
  • Personalized Learning & Development: AI-powered learning experience platforms help conduct skills-based assessments and discover employees’ skills gaps relevant to their roles, interests, and career aspirations. Not only that but they also make learning course recommendations based on that analysis making learning easier, more objective-oriented, and more personalized.
  • Data-Based Performance Management: Human capital management systems (HCMs) powered with AI and robotic process automation (RPA) automatically cascade organizational objectives from senior leadership to employees. They also can integrate with other tools to automatically aggregate performance-related data for more objective performance reviews.
  • Efficient Talent Management: Current tech tools also make talent identification an easier job as they automate the whole process, generating talent maps in a matter of seconds. Empowered with this knowledge, you can spend more time planning and communicating career growth opportunities with employees, instead of spending your time crunching numbers.
  • Higher Productivity & Collaboration: Current technologies make it easier for employees to complete their jobs as effectively and efficiently as possible while leveraging the collective intelligence of teams. The rise in productivity and collaboration enabled by technology can reduce work-related stress and increase overall job satisfaction.
  • Flexible Working: Millennials value work-life balance. Research shows that 92% of people born between 1980 and 2000 identify flexibility as a top priority when job hunting. Current collaboration and communication tech tools make it easier for you to offer flexible work benefits to help retain millennial and Gen Z talent.
  • Increased Engagement: A recent Gallup report found that employees who are not engaged or who are actively disengaged cost the world $7.8 trillion in lost productivity. This is equal to 11% of global GDP. Current tech tools enable you to easily and quickly administer and analyze the results of employee engagement surveys. Current human capital management systems as well can automatically send notifications for managers to conduct regular check-ins to see how employees are doing.
  • Smoother Employee Experience: Many HR solutions today include a single self-service portal for instant access to all HR-related information to help employees self-manage day-to-day HR tasks, such as issuing HR letters, viewing pay slips, sending leave requests, etc. This enhances the employee experience and has a positive effect on retaining talent.


Attract & Retain Talent with XpertLearning

These are some of the ways by which state-of-the-art, tech-powered talent management systems can help you attract and retain talent. If you’re interested in learning more about our talent management solutions, click HERE, or contact us at enquiries@xpertlearning.com for a demo.



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