LearningXpress - March-April 2023

In this two-part episode, our guest speakers shared their insights into the uses of blockchain technology to improve the learning experience of students and dispelled some of the most commonly-held myths surrounding blockchain in education.

LearningXpress - Jan-Feb 2023

Join us in this series of XpertTalx sessions where our panel of guest speakers will share their expert insights into the need for secure and trustworthy systems in education and how blockchain can address these needs.

LearningXpress - Nov-Dec 2022

It has been an exciting and fruitful 2022 with many milestones achieved and lessons learned. We would like to thank our fantastic clients, partners, and stakeholders for your most valued support. May our collaboration get stronger and deeper.

LearningXpress - Sept-Oct 2022

Get connected with peers and meet influential speakers who will share their experience and knowledge to discuss learning strategies that have been successful in their organizations.

LearningXpress - July-Aug 2022

We are pleased to announce our strategic partnership with Educhain, a blockchain powered service that issues and verifies digital academic documents. Its revolutionary technology enables institutions and students to share protected documents instantly in seconds.

LearningXpress - May 2022

Today, companies in every industry, in every geography, and of every size have come to rely on technology to drive their growth strategies. Meanwhile, the cloud has become the beating heart of all digital operations.

LearningXpress - April 2022

A learning and development (L&D) strategy should determine how an organization can facilitate learning for its employees in a way that supports key business processes and goals.

LearningXpress - March 2022

As part of its ongoing mission of investing in people, the Company’s online learning platform “Oman Re Learning Hub” was formally launched in collaboration with XpertLearning, thus enabling all staff members with next generation of learning and development opportunity via unrivalled access to Skillsoft’s most comprehensive set of corporate training assets.

LearningXpress - Feb 2022

2021 was full of significant transformations and worthwhile lessons, but it did not come without unique challenges. For example, we saw the business world turned upside from a massive labor shortage due to The Great Resignation amid a global pandemic, and that was just the tip of the iceberg.

LearningXpress - Jan 2022

Congratulation to our partner goFLUENT for receiving yet another ISO certification for a high quality eLearning solutions. As a global leader in language training, goFLUENT set out to achieve effective quality management by reviewing its structure, responsibilities, and procedure, and successfully attaining the ISO 9001 certification on the group level.

LearningXpress - Dec 2021

The year 2021 has been filled with changes and challenges for most of us due to the continued Covid19 crisis.   Everyone’s guess is as good as ours with respect to how long this pandemic will last.  We will continue our commitment to deliver and support all our customers while we face these challenges together.

LearningXpress - Nov 2021

Fosway Group have named our partners SumTotal as ‘Strategic Challenger’ in their 2021 9-Grid™️ for Cloud HR.  This is the only market analysis model that can help you understand the relative position of solutions and providers.

LearningXpress - Oct 2021

We’d like to invite you to witness the latest in HR and talent management from top international and regional employers and vendors at HR Summit and Expo event in-person and online.

LearningXpress - Sept 2021

We are proud Platinum sponsors AT HRSE (HR SUMMIT & EXPO) 2021 along with our partner Cornerstone OnDemand.

LearningXpress - Aug 2021

In an increasingly globalized world, the fluency to communicate in a perfect business language is becoming very important to the success of any business.

LearningXpress - July 2021

Today, where we are forced to work from remote workplaces, most organizations have been concentrating on work performance and time management. Quite often than not, as an organization, we tend to ignore the benefits of learning and development.

LearningXpress - June 2021

Skills are a valuable commodity for any organization and upskilling is just the key to keeping people’s skills in sync with the changing world of work. With an upskilling initiative in place, you will be able to reap these 4 key benefits…

LearningXpress - May 2021

Training, re-skilling and upskilling define the career journeys of today’s worker. Employees are now living through an age of rapid digital transformation as the pace of technological innovation is beyond exponential.

LearningXpress – April 2021

Our #partner Open LMS, the world’s largest commercial Moodle™ provider announced that it has achieved the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Education Competency status.

LearningXpress – March 2021

XpertLearning Expands Its Reach Into The UK and Ireland. Based on our continued success in the Middle East and Asia – XpertLearning will move into supporting UK and Ireland working with valued vendor partners during 2021! Watch this space for…

LearningXpress – February 2021

Skillsoft Integrates With Microsoft Viva to Empower Learning in Today’s Flow of Work -Skillsoft As announced on 4th February this year, Skillsoft provides integrated tools and training to millions around the world through Microsoft Viva library. The integration of Skillsoft’s award-winning…

LearningXpress – January 2021

Though the year 2020 has been extremely challenging for all of us, we were hopeful that we will get through this together and shine bright! On this note, we are delighted to announce the winners of “XpertLeaning Customers Awards 2020”. These…

LearningXpress – December 2020

Best Wishes for 2021! The year 2020 has been filled with changes and challenges for most of us due to the Covid19 crisis. Though it has been a difficult time for businesses, we have continued our commitment to support our…

LearningXpress – November 2020

We will soon be announcing the annual XpertLearning Customer Awards 2020. The purpose of the awards program is to recognize innovative ideas, powerful programs, and inspiring leaders who are helping to transform the corporate learning and talent management landscape by…

LearningXpress – October 2020

We are proud to be nominated as the FINALIST for 2 award categories in the Gulf Capital SME Awards 2020. The award categories are for ‘Digital Business of the Year’ and ‘ B2C Small Business’ . Launched in 2012, the team behind the SME Awards,…

LearningXpress – September 2020

We are proud to be the Platinum Sponsors at the upcoming HRM Summit ME. If you have already registered for this event, then don’t miss the panel session “Future of Work, Worker and the Work place” which will be led by Paul Michael…

LearningXpress – August 2020

Why Digital Badges Should be Considered in Your eLearning Strategy In this day and age, learners are eager to show off their newest skills to their social media community. Most of the time, it comes in the form of shareable…

LearningXpress – July 2020

When Remote Work Becomes Permanent: How To Fully Support Your Workforce -SumTotal We are living through particularly strange times. The worldwide COVID-19 pandemic and how we’ve responded to it have meant abrupt and substantial changes to how we all live and work. Suddenly, many organisations have all or the…

LearningXpress – June 2020

We are delighted to announce the launch of our new website, Xpert-Careers.com! It’s another step in our plan, to help you turn your aspirations into learning goals. The portal features the latest look, easy course information, and user-friendly navigation for…

LearningXpress – May 2020

In the last issue we introduced you to eLearning Guru. a series of informative videos on eLearning, its concepts, softwares and benefits, including answering questions from the HR and L&D community on online training. If you have missed any of our videos since the launch last month…

LearningXpress – April 2020

In today’s technology world, eLearning is on the fast track and growing globally year on year. Introduce eLearning Guru. a series of informative videos to share our experience and information on eLearning, its concepts, softwares and benefits, including answering questions from the HR and L&D community on…

LearningXpress – March 2020

We are here for you in Changing and Challenging times. As our customers make the decision to close offices and have employees work remotely, we want you to feel confident that your learning and talent management solutions are fully available…

LearningXpress – Feb 2020

Introducing Toolkit Courses for Leadership Development -Skillsoft The innovative Skillsoft Leadership Development Program powered by MIT Sloan Management Review is designed to deliver leadership training focused on essential modern competencies, informed by a scientific understanding of how adults learn best…

LearningXpress – NewYear 2020 edition

Our new year started with a good note and appreciation. We are proud and honored to receive the Knowledge Partner Award, at the 6th Sharjah 2020 Energy Meet which took place this January. We would like to thank H.E. Dr. Rashid…

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