The issuance, sharing, and verification of academic documents does not have to be a time-consuming hassle. With our digital academic passport solution, we help you design, publish, and share academic documents securely with students via a digital wallet, saving you time and enabling a first-class student experience. You won’t need paper any more!

A simple to use, easy to set up solution which enables you to issue secure and tamper-proof digital academic documents with 100% accuracy and authenticity. Not only that but you can automate the issuance of the documents, in one-offs or batches, to never have to worry about document issuance again

With the digital academic documents, your students can enjoy the freedom to share their achievement with employers, or to social media, via unique links and across multiple platforms. And the documents authenticity can be validated instantly and automatically any time through the Verification Portal without your having to lift a finger.

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With Educhain, You Can:

  • Issue academic documents quickly, securely, and digitally.
  • Import data from XLS or via APIs for documents issuance.
  • Customize the digital documents with your institution’s branding.
  • Automate the issuance of all documents (multi or single issuance).
  • Set credentials expiration dates and document revocation.
  • Track the issuance of all academic documents.
  • Enable students to receive, save, and manage their credentials in a secure, digital wallet.
  • Enable students to share their documents through any medium.
  • Enable documents’ recipients to independently verify the issued documents.
  • Enable documents verification within seconds and at any time of the day.
  • Eliminate manual processing and academic fraud.
  • Save on expensive screening costs.
  • Ensure you never lose a document again.

If you're considering purchasing a digital academic passport solution for your institution or are confused about what solution is more suitable for your needs, contact us and a member of our team will be happy to help you

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