Student Information Systems (SIS)

Our student information systems automate the administrative processes of academic institutions, providing your students with a seamless, smooth enrollment experience and your administrators with lean, clean processes. With our partners, you can easily manage the student administrative lifecycle and gain valuable insights into enhancing the student experience.


Improve efficiency and manage compliance with a modern student information system! Ellucian Quercus is a cloud-based student information system that manages the entire lifecycle of your digital campus. Accessed through browsers or mobile devices, Ellucian Quercus provides a smooth experience to staff and students anywhere any time. Its modern architecture enables you to adapt seamlessly as functional and technical needs change and integrates well with non-Ellucian solutions.

With Ellucian Quercus, you can:

  • provide an eflcient student-centred and increasingly online student administration service.
  • maintain student personal information, academic performance, and details of your institution’s academic programs.
  • simplify your administrative processes and drive efficiency and effectiveness.
  • automate processes that once required the use of multiple systems.
  • communicate and find information more easily to accomplish any task—from engaging prospects to cultivating alumni relationships.
  • monitor the state of your key performance indicators and extract business intelligence.
  • control which components of the system to deploy and when.
  • “go live” within weeks due to Ellucian’s rapid implementation process.
  • enjoy a cloud-based system with no worries about maintenance or upgrades.

SEAtS is the ultimate student success platform that allows you to maximise growth through student attendance monitoring & management. With SEAtS Attendance Capture Devices, read your current student ID cards at every touchpoint and get instant real-time reports in the cloud. With no additional hardware or network requirements, save time and money as SEAtS works with your existing hardware and draws information from whatever student record, timetabling, and other systems you have in place.

With SEAtS, you can

  • receive attendance reports, alerts, and dashboards real-time as soon as you switch on SEAtS.
  • drive student success through early warning systems, work flows, dashboards, reports, and analytics.
  • increase course completion through better analytical insights into progression.
  • retain students through critical early informed interventions.
  • enhance your institution’s reputation through improved student satisfaction and outcomes.
  • optimize your institution’s resource and space utilisation with instant analytics.
  • substantially reduce your administrative time and overhead.
  • better manage your Home Office Visa & Immigration Compliance reports for sponsoring international students.
  • have the system up and running in 90 days.
  • reduce the need for hardware on campus owing to SEAtS push-to-cloud technology.
  • deploy fast with a system that integrates with other systems on your campus.
  • run the system easily by simply adding data from your campus systems.
  • save time and money with a system that works with what you have.




If you’re considering purchasing a student information system for your institution or are confused about what solution is more suitable for your needs, contact us and a member of our team will be happy to help you.

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