Learning Management Systems (LMS)

We aim to become the trusted partner of both your educators and students by providing an exceptional teaching and learning journey. With end to end solutions supporting course delivery, content development, student assessment and engagement, our solutions cover all your learning needs.


A modern comprehensive LMS! Blackboard Learn features built-in tools to streamline content and course creation. Take your teaching experience to the next level by enabling educators to utilize audio, video, text and more to engage learners in new and exciting ways and to adapt assessment types to support multiple teaching styles. More importantly, help learners make progress by making it easier to get in and get work done.

Get data on courses’ and students’ performance through in-depth data insights and keep everyone in-the-know. Combine it with Blackboard Analytics to present educators with evidence of what works and students with dashboards to track their activity relative to others.

With Blackboard, you can:

  • Create an enhanced test-taking experience that caters to every style.
  • Offer learners the flexibility to access courses on-the-go.
  • Deliver an inclusive learning environment designed with accessibility in mind.
  • Help learners keep track of their own progress and get the support they need.
  • Identify disengaged or struggling learners to organize timely interventions.
  • Deliver multi-media learning courses that engage learners.
  • Grade students’ work fairly by the aid of Blackboard’s built-in anti-plagiarism tools.
  • Leverage native integration with the tools your educators use the most.
  • Protect your educators’ and learners’ data through Blackboard’s “privacy by design” approach.
  • Grade students’ work fairly by the aid of Blackboard’s built-in anti-plagiarism tools.
  • Keep everyone organized, engaged, and working efficiently with Blackboard’s easy-to-use tools
  • Better understand learner performance through in-depth data insights.
  • Discover what works and what doesn’t in your educational approaches.
  • Promote reflective learning by helping students track their their performance relative to others.

One of the largest SaaS-based learning providers in the world, Open LMS adapts Moodle
open-source technology and builds on its capabilities to create an even better learning
experience. Open LMS helps you easily manage courses and deliver engaging content experiences to learners anytime, anywhere at affordable prices and with full offline access.

With Open LMS, you get all the technology support you need so that you can focus on what you do best: teaching. With its support to diverse pedagogical approaches, you can use Open LMS to create online learning programs with only the features and functionalities you need, while easily customizing content and courses.

With Open LMS, you can:

  • Create online learning programs with only the features and functionality desired.
  • Easily customize content and courses to deliver relevant and engaging learning experiences.
  • Enjoy a seamless transition to the platform with customized implementation packages.
  • Provide your educators training in various delivery modalities, including online training & consulting.
  • Expect ongoing support 24/7 and expert consulting for a successful end-user experience.
  • Expect ongoing innovation through our global community of educators.
  • Integrate exclusive third-party tools to use the platform in the way that works for you.
  • Deliver great online learning experiences by leveraging built-in third-party partner technology such as Zoom, Blackboard & Instilled.
  • Offer learners a consistent user experience on any device using Open LMS’ Snap feature.
  • Provide students with tailored experiences using Open LMS’ Personalized Learning Designer (PDL) capability.
  • Automate the user and course management process via Open LMS’ Conduit feature.

Not just an LMS, but a comprehensive talent experience platform! The Totara Talent Experience Platform comprises three powerful solutions to help you build a more effective educational institution that prospers in today’s fast-changing world.

Combine the power and flexibility of Totara Learn, the transformational learning management system (LMS), with Totara Engage, the learning experience platform (LXP), to unite and engage both students and educators. Top it with Totara Perform, the performance management system boosting productivity anytime, anywhere, and you have the full talent experience platform. With Totara’s Talent Experience Platform, you will empower your students and educators to perform at their best.

With Totara, you can:

  • Meet your learners requirements with a powerful, cost-effective solution.
  • Shorten learning curves with personalized playlists and custom resources curated from multiple channels.
  • Deliver great learning experiences to students through any device.
  • Automatically assign and personalize learning according to group, class, and more.
  • Keep track of students’ progress with custom report building that automatically keeps stakeholders fully informed.
  • Engage learners and drive collaborative problem solving with centrally organized learning events.
  • Blend formal learning with informal, social learning that increases engagement and knowledge-sharing.
  • Build a connected culture by unlocking knowledge sharing throughout your institution.
  • Adapt to change with a customizable LMS that enables brilliantly bespoke (not just “branded,”) learning
  • Accelerate both educators’ development and institutional goals by Totara Perform.

If you’re considering purchasing a learning management system for your institution or are confused about what solution is more suitable for your needs, contact us and a member of our team will be happy to help you.

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