XpertLearning supports SEWA with their eLearning program launch

The highly anticipated SEWA A eLearning program has arrived!

With the vital endorsement of H.E. Dr. Rashid Alleem, Chairman of  Sharjah Electricity and Water Authority (SEWA), the online learning initiative that aims to promote a culture of self-driven development was launched on 26th February 2019 at the SEWA Academy.

In keeping with the Winning Principles set out by His Excellency, “Teaching and Learning” (#2) and “Learn from Experience” (#3), SEWA A continues to support the professional development of SEWArians with the launch of this new program. 

The day started out with XpertLearning’s Paul Michael Gledhill, Executive Director and Co-Founder, congratulating the pilot team of learners, who will take on the challenge of learning anytime, anywhere—a program that will allow them the flexibility to take control of their learning progress. Paul said, “We are most looking forward to hearing your feedback on learning digitally, especially that this initiative will provide valuable analytical data on how professionals in your sector and industry learn: your preferences, your level of engagement, and the overall knowledge and skill gain within your organisation—data that may be used to measure how you are achieving your business goals and objectives.”

The participants were quite excited going into the SEWA A eLearning Skillport site, asking questions about how to complete courses, the expectations within the 6-month journey, and where to seek assistance, should they need it. 

It is indeed exciting times at SEWA A as they roll out their first digital learning venture. We are all rooting for the team of Pilot Learners for them to achieve success as modern learners!

-Katrina Bituin, Learning Consultant-XpertLearning

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