Ejadah Asset Management Group Launches “ADVANZ” their eLearning program.

“Progress is not in enhancing what is, but in advancing toward what will be

Drawing inspiration from the quote by writer, poet, and artist, Khalil Gibran, Ejadah Asset Management Group proudly introduced their eLearning portal, “ADVANZ” on April 8, 2019 at the Head Office. With the aim of advancing employee capability development, they worked with XpertLearning to launch their newest Digital Learning initiative, leveraging from several decades of experience of learning technology leader, Skillsoft.

 Mr. Hussain Ali, Chief Executive Officer, strongly supports the idea of making Ejadah a learning organisation. Together with the leadership team, employees gathered for a quick, informative, and impactful session to debut ADVANZ. Echoing the sentiment of the value of Digital Learning courses was Mr. Tarek Nizameddin, Senior Executive Director – Commercial, he goes on to highlight that online courses and flexible learning are very beneficial.

Mr. Kiran Jacob, HR Director, spoke about the aims of the organisation to support individuals by developing their skills and thanked the team responsible for launching the initiative.

Mr. Paul Michael Gledhill, Executive Director and Co-Founder of XpertLearning, told a story about the 16-year journey of eLearning in the region and the best practices that helped organisations Digitally Transform their learning. 

ADVANZ houses a plethora of eLearning courses, resources, and videos on Business Skills. Most of these courses are aligned to certifications so the learners earn credits, PDUs, CPEs, etc. Personal Development plans are also going to be rolled out to the individuals so that it may cater to their specific needs. The reaction was testament to the hard work put in by the team in carefully curating the learning content made available in the library—everyone was pumped!


The celebration was capped off with photobooth snaps and celebratory cupcakes, with the participants’ excitement about this brand-new initiative that will help them advance themselves to a successful future.

-Katrina Bituin, Learning Consultant-XpertLearning

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