The Rise of Learning Experience Platforms (LXPs)

Although learning experience platforms (LXPs) have been in the e-learning market for more than ten years now, interest in them has only greatly risen over the past four or five years. Perhaps, the ultimate proof of the rise of LXPs was Gartner’s listing of LXPs as a separate vendor category from the LMS in their 2018 Market Guide for Corporate Learning Suites. Since then, LXPs have been on the rise and the world’s biggest organizations have been showing greater interest in adopting their solutions.

In this blog post, we’ll be exploring what LXPs really are and what makes them unique, and we’ll look into Skillsoft’s Percipio as a good example of LXPs.

What is an LXP?

A learning experience platform (LXP) is a learning software solution, commonly used by corporate L&D functions, to provide personalized and intuitive learning experiences to their workforce. LXPs are commonly confused with learning management systems (LMSs). However, the two are quite different and there are some distinctive features that can help you draw the line between LXPs and LMSs.

LXP features

The Defining Features of an LXP

There is a set of defining features that distinguish learning experience platforms (LXPs) from LMSs. LXP providers, of course, vary in the feature mix they provide, but they all inevitably provide some mix of the below distinctive features.

  • Content Libraries

 Often referred to as the ‘Netflix’ of learning, LXPs feature a wide array of content. The content could be platform-created, user-generated, or even curated by a third party. As such, LXPs capitalize on the current trends of on-demand viewing that learners are used to in their other forms of content consumption. By riding these trends, LXPs provide learners with many content options that they can choose from.

  • User-Led Experiences

Not only do learners get access to a wide array of content through their LXPs, but they also get full control. In other words, while learning & development functions can still assign courses on an LXP, more often than not, users are invited to take up the courses that match their interests from the course libraries. They can even curate their own learning paths and set their own learning goals. LXPs capitalize on the de-centralization of learning where the learner, not the L&D department, is in the driver’s seat.

  • Skill-Based Learning

LXPs allow for content tagging by which content in the course library can be linked to particular skills. When such content tagging is used in integration with an organization’s skill taxonomy, competency model, or Learning Records System (LRS), the LXP can make content recommendations to the learners to bridge their skill gaps to better equip them for their current or future roles. This skill tagging feature also allows for higher-value search results which enables learners to get the learning they need from the platform at the time they need it, without the need for prolonged extensive searching. This convenient search feature also mimics the way learners are currently accustomed to getting access to information when they use search engines.

  • Personalized Learning

Rightfully dubbed the ‘Netflix’ of learning, LXPs present learners with user-friendly interfaces that are intuitive and personalized. An LXP’s user interface is not a one-size-fits-all home page but rather leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI) to present users with their own personalized course recommendations, learning goals, reminders, triggers, etc. The recommendations are based on several predictors which may include the learner’s job role, department, work location, search history, content usage history, skill gaps, areas of interest, and similarities with other users. This guarantees the higher relevance of the content which boosts learner engagement.

An Example of a World-Leading LXP

Skillsoft Percipio


Skillsoft’s flagship product, Percipio, is one of the major LXPs in the market today. It is an LXP that features curated, immersive, and engaging skill-building content delivered when and where learners need it — almost like the Netflix of L&D!

It helps organizations identify and measure skill proficiencies to ensure their workforce stays relevant. The platform makes skilling personalized and accessible, offering a blend of self-paced online courses, hands-on practice, virtual live online classes, and coaching to close skill gaps. And it’s available anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Here are some of the distinctive features that you can enjoy with an LXP like Percipio.

  • Establish a fact-based current state of your talent

Percipio enables you to assess, index, and track in-house skills with Skillsoft Skill Benchmarks. Skill Benchmarks are short, diagnostic assessments that provide a score and level to measure individuals’ proficiency and offer personalized skilling pathways to close skills gaps across your organization. This helps you get a complete picture of your organization’s skills and measure improvement over time.


Skills benchmark

  • Provide expertly curated, high-quality learning paths

With Percipio, you can present learners with learning journeys that clearly guide them from point A to point B, organizing outcomes by skill, role, and certification. You can customize these expertly curated, role and skill-based learning paths to help meet the demands of your organization. Learners can also have access to a wide array of certification courses in tech, quality, etc. In addition to Percipio’s content, L&D administrators can also design and assign live and on-demand skilling experiences with their organizational content or from other providers.

  • Provide content in a wide variety of formats

Percipio provides content in almost all forms that learners prefer — videos, books, audiobooks, interactive practice labs, coding sandboxes, and more. With Percipio, learners can also attend live events, tech boot camps, and instructor-led courses. By providing several blended learning options, Percipio boosts engagement and guarantees learning completion and knowledge retention.

  • Personalize the learning experience with AI

Percipio leverages AI to deliver personalized recommendations and offer relevant skilling pathways based on each learner’s role, interests, and behavior. Even more, the learners can set weekly skilling goals as AI-driven automated reminders encourage them to stay on track.

  • Drive engagement with badges & leaderboards

To promote engagement, Percipio enables learners to record and promote their learning accomplishments with digital badges. Skillsoft Digital Badges are secured and verified through a blockchain, making them easy to share. Moreover, the platform increases engagement by featuring leaderboards that can create a healthy sense of learning competition.

  • Offer learning in the flow of work

Percipio creates transformative learning experiences by seamlessly integrating with your current technologies and organizational software tools, such as:

– LMSs and LXPs

– Identity and Access Management

– Learning Record Stores

– Human Resources Information Systems

This enables learners to get personalized content recommendations in the flow of work, while using a particular system or tool. This helps them get the learning they need exactly when they need it.

Upgrade Your Organizational Learning Experience

With the learner front and center in modern L&D, there can never be a better time for you to focus on your employees’ learning experience. If you’re interested in knowing more about Skillsoft’s Percipio or would like to view a live demo, you can contact us at



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