XpertLearning enables organisations of all sizes and in every industry to recruit top talents, to develop and engage employees throughout their careers, improve operational execution and cultivate future leaders. By unifying key functional areas of employee recruiting, on boarding, development, performance, compensation, succession and collaboration into one easy-to-use system, our clients entirely eliminate the need for separate point solutions or other legacy HR technology. We believe that when you choose a unified talent management system, you are choosing less complexity, better usability, more product innovation, rapid employee adoption and boosted R.O.I


We help organisations access better candidates in less time with social sourcing, collaborative hiring capabilities, applicant management, and employee referrals without ever having to switch between systems. Plus, data from Recruiting can be accessed in other talent management tools Onboarding, Learning, Performance, and more.


Onboarding helps organisations keep new hires engaged with social tools and training and goal setting opportunities. Because Onboarding is unified with Learning and Connect, organisations can seamlessly assign learning and enable networking for new hires.

Social Connect

Connect facilitates true sharing knowledge, solutions, and innovations across the entire organization. Employees can contribute, create community, and complete key projects faster with unified collaboration tools, task management, and social feedback capabilities. And because Cornerstone Connect is on the same platform as all talent management tools, organizations can unify networking and collaboration throughout the entire employee lifecycle.


With Learning, organisations can deliver, track, and report on multiple learning opportunities — video, ILT, virtual sessions — all while seamlessly unifying development with performance, compensation, and succession. Training, performance, and merit data is available on one platform, making it easier to identify, develop, and success top talent.


With Performance, performance management is unified with learning, compensation, and succession in one system. Organizations can deliver ongoing feedback; align employee goals with organizational strategy; see and address skill and competency gaps; and use performance data to inform development, merit initiatives, and leadership planning.


With Compensation, organisations can unify performance, compensation, and budgets, instead of trying to integrate separate platforms and separate sources of employee data. Managers and executives can drive a pay-for-performance culture, automate compensation planning, and improve transparency from a single location, with a single database.


Succession enables organisations to proactively address workforce issues and increase organisational longevity using learning, performance, and succession information stored in a single system. Instead of cobbling together training records, reviews, and compensation data from separate platforms.


We create high impact and engaging Custom Content solutions that aid in the seamless alignment of your company’s learning and performance goals with its business objectives.


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