Visualize your talent data

Our analytic, reporting and visualization tools will ensure you have the information and data you need quickly to make better decisions regarding your learning and talent development efforts throughout your organisation.

Customised & AD-HOC Reporting & Dashboarding

XpertLearning’s talent and learning platforms can provide you with a vast library of out-of-the box and custom created reports and data rich dashboard which will help visualize, understand, and share the status of your learning and talent programs within your organisation. In addition to supplied reporting templates, we can help you customize reports to target the specific information you need to manage your internal employee programs.

Holistic view of all your organizational talent data in one place

Our open platform approach allows you to combine data from our talent management systems as well as your existing technologies to deliver a complete picture of your employee data. Among many benefits, you will be able to measure the impact of learning and talent development programs and conduct cost-benefit analyses. You will be quickly be able to visualize headcount, budget, performance, structure and more in real-time to model potential changes and adapt your workforce to meet strategic objectives.

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