Enhanced Applicant Experience and Tracking features with Intelligent Automation

The pace of Hiring Talent in the market now is at competing supersonic speeds and it is important that employers adopt and utilise recruiting platforms that are built to support Robotic Process Automated tools in tracking and recruiting talents.

Both candidate and recruiter’s experiences are streamlined by leveraging next generation AI to compress the time in throughput and producing maximum quality in the hiring process.

The recruiting AI learn patterns in the hiring workflow by benchmarked data and algorithms to automate next sequence avoiding delays and thereby reducing the overall response time.


Automated Skill Matching

Employing the AI-powered search and Machine learning designs, skill mapping to skill matching is programmed for auto selection of top candidates from across multiple sources and channels.

Talent pools are automatically populated with candidates with matched skill sets for recruiters to easily add them to requisitions.

Digitalised Decisions make Hiring Faster

Deep learning machine intelligence analyse large volumes of candidates’ characteristics at one go based on numerous pre-defined attributes making short listing effortless.

Executing standard automation helps the recruiting teams to build a more coherent methods of hiring decisions, quantify rate of success over period.


Onboarding Automation

Transition of candidates to employees is built and designed for entirely personalised rich experience for New Hires.

With simply using drag and drop functionality, you can build an entire onboarding workflow to different audiences in minutes, with steps, sequence, approval workflows and with zero coding.

With access from Mobile responsive online forms, e-signatures, self -services, new employees can begin to contribute efficiently from day one.

Recruiting Analytics

With robust and powerful talent analytics, recruiters can access significant perceptions into employee performance and predict accurate trends for a challenging future.


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