Cybersecurity is considered by many to be one of the most important disciplines in an organisation. Customer information theft can paralyse operations or put a company out of business. A single incident that damages a firm’s reputation or compromises the integrity of its electronic storefront could result in unrecoverable losses.

Skillsoft provides the widest array of integrated learning types to continuously develop and maintain IT skills.

The Cybersecurity Collection offers a vast array of learning options with instant access to hundreds of learning assets across a wide choice of modalities (videos, courses, books, assessments, mentoring etc…) These learning assets can be used to support cybersecurity professionals’ continuous learning needs from solving an immediate technical problem to building a well-rounded set of skills and preparing for certification exams.

Skillsoft’s Cybersecurity, Privacy, and Data Protection Solution helps an organization:

  • Curate its training curriculum and quickly modify it when necessary to keep pace with changes in training requirements.
  • Deliver meaningful, relevant content to ensure employees receive the optimal content based on their role and responsibilities.
  • Personalize training to diverse employee audiences to create better learning experiences that resonate with employees.



We create high impact and engaging Custom Content solutions that aid in the seamless alignment of your company’s learning and performance goals with its business objectives.


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