In the age of distributed leadership, our courses are designed to bring about the leader in each member of your organization, regardless of their role. At the heart of our learning journeys lies the belief that leadership is a competency, not a title, and we're here to make sure all your employees have it.

Behavioral Change, Not Learning Consumption

We combine knowledge with application to drive true behavioral change that builds long-lasting leadership skills in your employees. Our learning journeys are built on these three pillars of success.

Formal Learning

Kickstart your learning by accessing a massive library of online content on demand. Peruse the library in a way that is personalized and tailored to your needs and organized in a sequenced journey format to help you build your skills one step at a time.

Personalized Coaching

Enrich your learning by gaining insights and guidance through one-on-one coaching to build your own personalized development plan, capitalize on your strengths, and overcome what's holding you back.

Project Work

Reinforce and retain knowledge with modular and capstone projects that help you put your learning to real-life use. Access a library of additional resources in a variety of formats as you work on your projects.

Skillsoft Leadership Development Program Powered By MIT Sloan Management Review

Built on the world renowned thought-leading work of MIT Sloan Management Review authors, this leadership development program features over 30 leadership competencies, organized into three curated journeys, beneficial to every member in your organization: -Leading Yourself -Leading Your Team -Leading the Business

Leading Yourself

Built on the belief that leaders exist at all levels of the organization, this journey is designed to build the leadership skills of every employee.

By the end of this journey, employees- managers or non managers- will have developed the self leadership skills required to drive impact and live the organizational culture.


Courses in this journey include:

  • Executive Presence
  • Leader Transitions
  • Leadership Networking
  • The Accountable Leader
  • The Agile Leader
  • The Emotionally Intelligent Leader
  • The Ethical Leader
  • The Mindful Leader
  • Women & Leadership

Leading Your Team

Designed for first-time managers or managers of first-line employees, this journey helps leaders develop the necessary leadership skills to lead team, set goals, motivate people, and drive results.

By the end of this journey, learners will have acquired the confidence and skills to effectively lead their own teams, while maintaining the sensitive balance between people and results.


Courses in this journey include:

  • Building & Leading Teams
  • Cross-Cultural Leadership
  • Developing People
  • Embracing Diversity
  • Leader as Coach
  • Leader as Motivator
  • Leadership Toolkits
  • Leading Through Change
  • Leading Virtually
  • Learning Culture
  • Managing Conflicts
  • The Collaborative Leader

Leading the Business

Primarily targeting mid-level and senior-level leaders, this journey helps managers build the skills required to tackle the challenges and capitalize on the opportunities presented by the digital age.

By the end of this journey, managers will have developed the critical, strategic eye to prioritize where efforts for innovation and influence are best invested.


Courses in this journey include:

  • Customer First Leadership
  • Judgement & Decisiveness
  • Leadership in the Age of AI
  • Leading a Culture of Execution
  • Leading Innovation
  • Leading Organizational Vision
  • Managing Priorities
  • Problem Solving & Decision Making
  • The Adaptive Leader
  • The Data-Driven Leader
  • The Digital-Savvy Leader
  • The Influential Leader
  • Thinking Critically
  • Thinking Strategically

Skillsoft Aspire Journeys

These role-based and skill-based sequenced journeys help leaders at all levels of your organization develop the skills required to move smoothly from one level to the next and enjoy fulfilling careers.
The program features a series of four journeys that build leaders at every level of your organization: -Leadership Development Core Journey -First-Time Manager Journey -Mid-Level Manager Journey -Leader of Leaders Journey

Leadership Development Core Journey

For first-time leaders or employees preparing themselves for a future leadership opportunity, this leadership journey is designed to provide any member of your organization with a solid foundation of core leadership competencies that will help them effectively develop, grow, and lead teams.

The leadership journey will help employees develop the people-centered leadership skills required to transform organizational strategy into action.


Courses in this journey include:

  • Emotionally Intelligent Leadership
  • Developing the People You Lead
  • Leading by Coaching
  • Team Leadership
  • Accountability through Leadership
  • Visionary Leadership
  • Problem Solving & Decision Making
  • Enabling Execution
  • Agility in Leadership
  • Embracing Diversity

First-Time Manager Journey

This journey prepares new managers to succeed in their roles by providing a defined path to mastery of the foundational business skills and leadership competencies needed to effectively manage teams and achieve business objectives.

Covering 20 core skills and competencies, the First-Time Manager Career Journey enables first-time leaders to develop the skills required to navigate the multi-stakeholder nature of their new role, whilst building healthy and performing teams.


Courses in this journey include:

  • Team Management
  • Leadership Agility
  • Workplace Wellness
  • Delivering Results
  • Critical Thinking
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Communication
  • Productivity

Mid-Level Manager Journey

The transition from frontline manager to middle manager can be difficult for many people. The added leadership responsibilities and new relationships, and their inherent challenges, can prove daunting.

Success at this pivotal career transition requires vision, confidence, and influence. This leadership journey expands middle managers' ability to think and act strategically, positioning them for success in their role.


Courses in this journey include:

  • Moving into Middle Management
  • Leading Innovation
  • Influence & Persuasion
  • Collaboration
  • Networking with Leader Peers

Leader of Leaders Journey

Transitioning into senior leadership can be challenging. The approach, the attitudes, or the mindset that worked well in a mid-level management role might not be sufficient in a more senior role. In this career transition, a different kind of leadership is required.

This journey will help you senior leaders guide people through disruption and change, think strategically, and shape the culture of their organization. Leading leaders can be the greatest challenge of all. This journey will ensure your senior leaders are well-equipped to support leaders and add value to your organization.


Courses in this journey include:

  • Moving into Senior Leadership
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Shaping Culture
  • Leading Through Disruption
  • Leading Change

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