Learning Management Systems

Make the learning experience personal and engaging

Our powerful modern Learning Management systems will ensure your workforce is fully compliant, has the skills needed to meet the demands of the market, and are upskilled to address the changing future of your business. Our Learning platforms connect the dots between the skills and competencies people need now – delivered in the context of what they are trying to accomplish – while also providing the tools each employee needs to develop and grow with your organization. Our Learning Management Systems ensure you will be able to deliver, track, and report on multiple learning opportunities — eLearning, video, instructor-led training, and virtual classroom sessions.

Learning on the Go

Your employees expect a personalized learning experience, available in the palm of their hands with an intuitive and engaging user experience. Our Learning Management Systems provide relevant learning served to any mobile and tablet OS helps increase your employee’s engagement and productivity. Continuous learning for your employees is enabled with both online and offline capabilities. We can take your most complex learning requirements and build them into a powerfully configured online learning solution.

Social and collaborative learning

Drive engagement through social collaboration and gamification learning

Our learning platforms provide your learners with a complete set of social tools and communities-of-practice to collaborate and share knowledge around any topic or activity, your users will be able to complete key projects faster with unified collaboration tools, task management, and social feedback capabilities. By providing social ratings and feedback, including tools for agile creation of content by subject matter experts, our systems allow you to promote social and collaborative learning.

Incentivize & Engage your learners through gamification

XpertLearning’s portfolio of mobile-enabled platforms all have built-in gamification capabilities, including badges, levels, points, and leaderboards, which helps excite and incentivize your employees and increase engagement by rewarding good learning behaviors. We can help build a learning community in your organization.

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