DuPont Sustainable Solutions

DuPont Sustainable Solutions provides training materials that help organizations improve the skills, behaviors and attitudes of employees and company leaders while avoiding the potential dangers of non-compliance with applicable regulations.  We accomplish this utilizing the full spectrum of training technologies — including e-learning, instructor-led courses, and safety training and compliance training DVDs, handbooks, and posters.  More than 190,000 training professionals in 129 countries have relied on Training Solutions from DuPont Sustainable Solutions to help protect workers, boost productivity and improve profitability! DuPont Sustainable Solutions has provided effective, consistent and affordable employee training materials throughout our 26 years of training innovation and has helped organizations of every size and need fulfill their unique employee training requirements. The training technologies are divided into three categories: e-learning, instructor-led training and traditional media. The DuPont™ eLearning Suite is ideal for organizations seeking comprehensive, flexible training solutions.

This platform incorporates advanced training technologies to help you manage your employee training from start to finish, simplifying and streamlining the process.Instructor-led training solutions are designed to be highly engaging and memorable. The courses are designed to feature constant interaction between instructors and students to help ensure that all information is internalized. The instructors delivering the training are knowledgeable and experienced, offering real-life examples that will drive home the importance of safety training and employee training in the minds of your workforce. Traditional media training includes handbooks, DVDs and posters that are designed for two purposes: to train your employees effectively and to avoid any financial ramifications due to non-compliance. Previews of the DVD training materials are available free of charge on this website.Additional employee training topics covered by DuPont Sustainable Solutions include ethics and compliance training, industrial skills training, healthcare training, government safety and compliance training, school safety and compliance training, and financial training.