ISV, and our skills testing software, known as FastPath, is a name synonymous with recruiters, HR managers and the recruitment industry. FastPath has been specifically designed for you so that it is flexible, easy to use and robust (so you won’t break it and there is no down time). We work closely with our recruitment partners to develop what we believe are the best skills testing products, ideally suited to your needs.

Our approach is why we are the industry’s number 1 choice and the only skills testing company working with the likes of the REC and TEAM. FastPath Skills Testing Library Why Use Pre-employment testing? Why would you use pre-employment testing or screening? In a candidate heavy marketplace, it isn’t enough to rely on exam grades or an interview alone.

Recent statistics also showed that up to one third (1/3) of adults admit to lying on their CV, so why take a risk when you can be sure? These are the key benefits of using FastPath skills testing Save time with fast candidate screening Increase placement rates Improve retention rates Reduce recruitment and training costs by hiring appropriately skilled staff.

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