Educhain enables institutions to issue secure verifiable digital records to learners, such as certificates, diplomas, transcripts, and letters. Educhain is the most reputable organization in MENA for blockchain in education, with the longest track record.

Its flagship solution is the first comprehensive, digital “passport” of student academic achievement – placing ownership of academic records into the hands of the student and providing them with global mobility, allowing them to choose what to share, with whom, and by what means.

As a result of Educhain:

  • Schools, Colleges, and Universities get a comprehensive tool to issue official academic credentials digitally and automate their verification. This allows them to virtually eliminate credential processing time and costs, reduce the complexity of internal processes, and provide more flexibility for students and staff.
  • Students (K-12, Higher Education, Graduates/Alumni) get an academic passport detailing their achievements that they collect over the course of their studies. They can then effortlessly share their credentials digitally to seize research and employment opportunities.
  • Employers/ Governments/ Regulators get a streamlined method for instantly validating the authenticity of academic credentials of candidates, leading to significant screening cost savings, reduction of complex internal processes, and elimination of academic fraud.

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