Wherever your learning takes place, Blackboard (Bb) provides the tools that elevate it. We believe that learning should be available to access anywhere, at any time, and offer learners the best possible experience. And we’re passionate about the way technology can enable that across universities, school classrooms, professional training and public sector environments.

Bb is the world’s largest education technology provider with more than 20 million users, that brings a full suite of solutions including creating and organizing digital content, learning management & hosting, mobile learning, apps, messaging, reports & analytics, online virtual classrooms as well as consulting, implementation and user training services, right to your doorstep. To book a demo session or learn more about how you can flip your learning environment, contact :  blackboard@xpertlearning.com or call us on +971 (4) 3910503


  • Blackboard Learn 9.1 : A powerful learning management system available for managed-hosted or self-hosted clients.1
  • Analytics for Learn : A business intelligence solution that delivers analytical reporting, data warehousing and deep insights for institutions on their student performance.
  • Mobile Learn : Mobile Learn delivers an institution’s course content to a student’s mobile device.
  • Collaborate : A web conference solution that offers a real time teaching and learning experience through virtual classrooms, offices and meeting spaces on the web or on mobile.
  • Blackboard Connect : A mass notification system that enables institutions to reach a specific community within minutes.

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