Annual Learning CAFE ME 2018 updates

Annual Learning CAFE ME 2018 – Updates

Learning Customer Advisory Forum Event (CAFE ME) 2018, the regions most anticipated annual digital learning and talent technologies conference took place in Dubai on 27 November 2018. XpertLearning, recognised as the thought leader in the talent technologies space in the GCC along with its international partners, Skillsoft and SumTotal hosted the event.

The learning CAFE ME conference series is an annually organised event by XpertLearning and its partners with the aim of offering its clients the opportunity to network with seasoned professionals and thought leaders, to share and learn insights and innovations shaping the rapidly changing world of digital learning and talent management. This year’s theme was “The Age of Learning On-Demand.”

The conference showcased a panel of distinguished speakers. XpertLearning’s Co-founder, Paul Michael Gledhill, kick started the event with his usual humorous and flamboyant demeanor, setting the mood for the audience to absorb the deep insights to follow. Steve Wainwright’s (MD, EMEA, Skillsoft) keynote titled “Knowledge in the Digital Age” followed.  Steve shared his personal experience of 2014 when he was to take over as SAP’s first Chief Digital Officer in the UK – deep reflection in the light of his experience led Steve to conclude that the job entailed helping his colleagues “solve previously unsolvable business challenges using Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning & Robotics”.   Steve’s talk pointed towards how Learning can drive Digital Transformation. He concluded with examples of how Percipio (the intelligent learning system from Skillsoft) can be a catalyst in this process.

Morne Swart, (VP Global Product Strategy and Transformation, Skillsoft) spoke on “Talent Agility in an Emerging Workplace” wherein he shared the Top 3 Digital Initiatives among 7000 customers. His talk also delved into the impact of automation and the significant redefinition of careers taking place therefore.

Interesting competitive inter-team and individual games and activities including surveys, crosswords, and even an escape room game punctuated the speaking sessions. Anna Shaw (Manager, Customer Success, Skillsoft) presented the amazing new Percipio system heralded as “The Future of Modern Learning.” In addition to making a compelling case for the need for such a technology touching up on the diverse needs of the five generations at the present-day workplace, Anna also demonstrated the user-friendliness of the system by helping the audience install the app on their phones and experience a course by doing a voice-based search, all within a short span of time.

Irwin van Stavel, (MD, LRMG Learning & Sr. Partner) followed up with an engaging talk on the “Impact of Culture on Business Performance.” Irwin talked about the V.U.C.A world we live in, the LRMG Performance Golden Circle, Culture Code and the impact of Learning Culture on business performance.

The event also had an insightful case study from MovenPick Hotels & Resorts who are XpertLearning’s clients and a comfy couch panel discussion each of which paved the way for some insightful conversations and learnings aligned along the lines of the theme of the conference –  “The Age of Learning On-Demand.”

Over seventy professionals from the region including Directors, CEO’s, HR Head, L&D Heads, IT and Training Specialists attended the event. The event ended with the coveted Learning CAFE ME Awards Ceremony, that honored clients that brought exceptional thought leadership and innovation to their technology driven learning initiatives.

Sajan Nair – Country Manager, XpertLearning – Oman

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