Improving Professional Effectiveness in the Learning Age

In the Learning Age, where organizations must develop the professional skills of their workforce to sustain growth and remain competitive, learning and development professionals need tools to empower their employees. At its core, we see the Learning Age as defined by personalization and targeted learning that addresses the specific knowledge and skills gaps a learner needs to overcome. So we’ve looked at our content and resources and developed a new collection of tools to address what we see as an increasingly broad set of requirements.

Skillsoft’s new Professional Effectiveness Collection aligns a variety of learning resources with the top competencies many organizations deem necessary for success in a professional setting. Whether it’s for employees just entering the workforce for the first time or more seasoned workers moving into new areas, the collection has been curated to cater to a wide variety of needs.

Learning is crucial for filling knowledge gaps and ensuring success for employees and their organizations. This continuous learning solution can be catered to the learner’s needs while supporting broader business objectives with flexible and scalable content, including:

  • More than 130 courses comprising over 130 hours of instruction;
  • More than 100 hours of content from video-based vignettes and simulations;
  • Approximately 1200 videos covering more than 70 hours of content;
  • 2070 digitized, full-text books, including over 130 in audio format; and
  • Over 170 summaries of leading business publications.

Click here for the Professional Effectiveness Collection


Russ Howard is Senior Director, Product Management, Content Products at Skillsoft.

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