Xpert Learning gives Free Access to the Pandemic Flu Awareness e-Learning program

There is still widespread concern over the risk of exposure to the deadly Bird Flu and H1N1 Flu (Swine Flu). The virus has become a health emergency in the region and around the globe.
“As part of our corporate social responsibility,” says Paul Michael Gledhill Director and Co-Founder of Xpert Learning, “We have been offering an e-Learning course to our Corporate clients. Now, we would like to offer this to everyone in the region with internet access,” he continues.

The course is a short and engaging 1 hour program which deals with the following:

– What is Bird/H1N1 Flu?
– How is it transmitted?
– What are the symptoms?
– Bird/H1N1 Flu treatments

For anyone who is interested, please visit our website at www.xpertlearning.com and click the banner advertisement located in the left column of the homepage to take you to the Pandemic Flu course.

Register Free of Charge and learn how to protect you and your family today.


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