Video-Based Learning

Video-based learning is becoming very popular as its more appealing and effective for learners.  Videos are all about communicating complex content using the latest visual styles in animated format. These videos feature frame by frame animation techniques to drive concept absorption and retention in a short period. Explainer videos are ideal for introducing, summarising, and explaining concepts, product, service, or any business message, which may be challenging to describe concisely, using animation and voiceover.

Types of treatment for Explainer videos

  • Whiteboard – It mimics the way professors teach a classroom of students with the help of diagrams on a blackboard. They are known as the most effective type of explainer video animation because of its minimalistic design – simple line drawings on a whiteboard that allows viewers to concentrate on the content.
  • 2D Animation – It’s a style in which both characters and scenes are created in 2D using perspective to recreate the illusion of depth. Widely used with characters or motion graphics, with a view that creates the illusion of depth. This sort of style enables scenario-based storytelling that can set the context of the message in a compelling manner
  • 3D Animation – High production values with a rich look. This effect is revolutionary and leaves an impact that stays. This effect requires digitally modelling characters or objects skeleton which can be moved and manipulated to produce the desired result.
  • Infographic Animation –A script-based motion graphic video that aims to explain, educate or inform the learners. Infographic videos rely heavily on information.  Animation like this is packed with a lot of facts, data, numbers, charts, and other kinds of statistics.
  • Kinetic Typography – Uses animated typography to convey ideas. Besides, using colour and movement paired with the excellent music and voiceover, the video can have an unexpected rhythm that will keep your audience curious about where they are headed.

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