Upskilling Your Workforce Is So In Demand, But Why?

With the way in which the world has changed and the period of “Great Resignation” has started where the vacancies have risen to record highs, the organizations are forced to rethink & reflect upon how upskilling & retaining the workforce is vital for their success.

Every employee is different having a unique career path. Their skills and previous job experiences have a direct impact on the way they perform the job that’s offered. Keeping in mind that job satisfaction is based on a sense of growth and development, training and retaining your employees is critical for a business of any size.

Having said that, how do you train & upskill your employees?

Investing in e-Learning is the most feasible & easily applicable way.  E-Learning at the workplace offers your employees a flexible way to learn when they need to. It also reduces your business expenditure, saves time, offers flexibility to learn anywhere anytime, and fills the skills gap making employees competent & efficient at work.  These are the main reasons why businesses have ended up converting from traditional classroom training to more efficient Learning Experience Platforms (LXP). It has also turned out to be the best way to stay in the competition and increase employee engagement as a business strategy.

Today’s post-pandemic workforce is confidently embracing remote learning opportunities such as virtual classrooms, as well as video-based resources that make learning easy to access and digest.

This has brought micro-learning to center stage. Microlearning delivers knowledge and skill development in bite-sized bursts. It can be delivered via text, video, eBook, interactive multimedia, and more, but it is always short, usually less than ten minutes. Giving the learners the convenience for a fluid approach to tackle, when, and at what pace they want to learn.



It is also important to ensure that any training is effective, closely tailored to the company’s needs, and flexible.  Make learning a part of everyday work for everyone, provide a diverse mix of lessons including short, bite-sized, as well as longer courses for those that want to dive in even deeper into a specific topic. Allocating a few minutes, a day for learning, or creating a learning goal helps boost the learning initiative.

This is also the time for people in leadership to focus on how to build an emotional connection with your employees, many of whom are feeling more disconnected than ever before, especially in the industries where so many people are now working from home.  Encouraging open communication lines & listening to your people about what they are working on towards the mission is a good way to make the employees feel valued. As an HR or a Learning & Development manager awarding & recognizing the top learners & performers is also a way to keep your staff engaged and enthusiastic about their learning journey.

In addition to this, good staff training will boost productivity. It may even enable a company to fill in any skills gaps without having to go through the time-consuming and costly recruiting procedure which in turn will improve the R.O.I.

Look for the right Learning Experience Platform that can support employees in every phase of their training as well as to measure the skills and competencies your workforce needs today to develop and grow with your organization.


-Nausheen Fatima


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