Up-Skilling Your Business Communication Skills: A Mandate in the 21st Century Business World


In an increasingly globalized world, the fluency to communicate in a perfect business language is becoming very important to the success of any business. Lack of language skills may lead to misunderstanding and dispute between multinational teams, suppliers, and clients, which can negatively affect the organization.

Developing a corporate language training plan is essential to removing communication barriers and for creating a truly global and collaborative firm. Strong language and communication skills are beneficial to companies across all industries, regardless of their size.

According to the British Chamber of Commerce, business language and cultural abilities can enhance export sales by 45 percent, These can also improve staff efficiency, communication, and customer satisfaction.

It is becoming increasingly critical for organizations to develop effective corporate language learning programs. However, a large number continue to spend their resources on individual tutorials, company and group classes and face to face language coaching.  All of these solutions are prohibitively expensive, difficult to track and sometimes do not meet the needs of your team.

The need for an effective, individual-focused business language skills training plan is greater than ever. Examine a few notable advantages of training and growth in this area:

Incorporate a learning culture into the work environment

No one wants to work for a firm that does not appreciate its people. As a professional in Training & Development, one of your major goals is to help each person advance their career via ongoing training and education.

This is why continuing education initiatives (having a continual process of obtaining information and skills) are important.

To ensure success in tomorrow’s workplace, you must provide an environment that inspires individuals to gain the abilities that meet current demands. If you’re up to speed, it won’t be that difficult. Your job as a training manager is crucial in creating (and maintaining!) this culture. You can do this by:

• Making sure your staff is aware of the available training resources. Inform your staff regularly that they have access to training opportunities. Because of their hectic schedules, they will be more likely to remember and engage in the program that you are offering them when reminded.

• Providing them with access to a learning library. Make sure your learning resources are structured, easily available, and searchable to encourage individual study. It makes it easier for them to find out what they need when they need it.

Help with Change Management

Most employees find it difficult to adapt to change.  Continuing learning initiatives, in general, may introduce new workplace changes and help employees achieve their goals.  Even though it may not always be possible to anticipate change, it is possible to prepare for them and adapt as you go.

It becomes imperative, then, to implement a Business Communication program to upgrade your talent pool’s skills and mitigate the impact of the challenges of today’s highly-innovative and ever-changing workplace.

Give the Employees a Competitive Edge

Occupational skills gaps are becoming more apparent in firms as trades change more rapidly than ever before. It turns out that many HR professionals believe that their organizations have substantial skills gaps, as evidenced by a 2019 survey by WestMonroe.

Some  of today’s sets of skills and abilities are likely to become obsolete within the next 3-5 years, making growth and development opportunities more important than ever to keep them current.

Through training, companies not only help improve and refine the workers’ professional skills but also communicate the message that the company is willing to invest in their role in the company’s future.

The most productive and sustainable organizations are those that enable their people to grow and develop.

XpertLearning is a well-known and trusted provider of language solutions that utilize the newest technology. We work with you to offer the best and most effective language programs for your needs— depending on your objectives, desired outcomes, timeframes, learning styles, levels, and budget. Discover our solutions to find the perfect fit for your industry and interests.



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