Communicate With Confidence : Pearson English Orientation Program

After the previous success of the Pearson English program, Brookfield Multiplex has once again tied up with XpertLearning for their next Pearson Business English program.

To introduce their employees to Pearson Business English, Brookfield Multiplex along with XpertLearning conducted an orientation program on 14th June 2016, at Media Rotana, TECOM, Dubai.

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“The main objectives of this program are to support the participants’ goal of improving their English communication and their growth with regards to self-confidence, motivation and drive,” said Mr. Edward Martin, one of the committee members responsible for the program. 

30 employees from different departments are participating in this year’s program, supported by both internal mentors and the committee who oversees this initiative from within the company.  Farhan Bhatti, Account Consultant – XpertLearning, presented and discussed all the aspects of the program.  Mr. Martin further stated, “This program inspires our staff to further develop their personal and professional skills in order to perform at higher standards.  After all, who doesn’t want to become better”.

Pearson Business English is an online web based learning program designed to develop the critical skills required to communicate confidently and efficiently in English.  Learning English is one of the best investments you can make for yourself, or benefits you can provide to your employees, because it opens up so many other opportunities for economic, personal and social growth. Click here to know more…

Click here to hear the inspiring story of one of  BM’s employee.

To know more about the Pearson Business English Program, contact Farhan Bhatti :


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