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XpertTalx is a platform by XpertLearning that features a series of free, interactive online sessions that bring industry experts and audiences together to share and learn. With XpertTalx, you will get to know what’s in, what’s out, and what the latest developments in the learning industry are.

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Unlike the conventional one-way expert-led widely-spread webinar, XpertTalx moves the mic around so that everyone has a say.

No presentations! No one-sided lecturing! In XpertTalx, the host spearheads the discussion with a series of questions that are answered by the expert guest speakers.


Featured Xperts

XpertTalx guest speakers are none other than our top-notch customers, partners, and influential speakers who join in to share their experience and knowledge around topics of learning and technology.  Our speakers bring together multi-functional managerial and executive-level expertise gained through years of work experience in an impressive list of award-winning companies.


Seize the opportunity and learn from the best how you can leverage both to advance your career and drive business value in your organization.





Jack George, Assistant Head at Aiglon College, Switzerland

Following a foray into research on multilingualism and translanguaging in international schools he was drawn to question the efficacy of current assessment and reporting methods in a world where Tiktok likes function as social currency. This then led him to investigate blockchain’s potential to reinvent education as we know it through Smart Exams, NFT grades and AI. Since then he and his colleagues have launched pilots of blockchain-based Eduwallets, AI knowledge transfer systems and Instagram-style holistic reports through which students measure themselves against the guiding principles of their schools.


Gillian Hammond, Principal at Repton Al Barsha, Dubai

Miss Hammond is Repton Al Barsha’s Principal and the Inclusion and Safeguarding Governor of Repton Dubai. She joined Repton Al Barsha in September 2022 after proudly serving as the Principal of Repton Abu Dhabi for over four years. Miss Hammond earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Combined Science and Qualified Teacher Status with honours in 2000 from Lancaster University, which is among the top 10 universities in the United Kingdom. She was also awarded her National Professional Qualification for Headship from the University of Manchester in 2005. Miss Hammond brings her extensive expertise in leadership to Repton Al Barsha, with an unwavering desire to provide a world-class education and the best for every child.  She passionately believes that families and staff collectively share the responsibility to enjoy and promote learning, so that every student loves coming to school each day.


Dr. Sreejit Chakrabarty
Director-Artificial Intelligence & Robotics at GEMS Dubai

Dr. Sreejit Chakrabarty is the Director for Robotics and Artificial Intelligence at GEMS Dubai American Academy, the flagship academy of GEMS Education, one of the world’s largest independent K – 12 education providers.  Sreejit has also worked extensively with the Ministry of Education in UAE, Oman, Qatar, and India in developing strategies for incorporating STEM and Robotics in their respective curriculums, and has trained ministry teachers across the region.
His passion for researching emerging technologies and finding ways of extracting educational benefits from them is what gets him excited. Sreejit is also working closely with TMRW (the R&D edtech wing of the company) and is the Network Leader across GEMS for Robotics, STEM, and AI. Sreejit has received multiple honors and recognition for his work in Innovation.

How can I attend?

Attendance is entirely for free and registration is open till the talk date.  However, if you registered and missed to attend we will send you the recorded session.

Upcoming Session Details

TOPIC : Revolutionizing Education with Blockchain Technology
Digital innovations such as blockchain have the potential to revolutionize the way we teach, learn, secure data, and can help institutions enhance their reputation, increase their competitiveness, and provide better student outcomes.

In this series of XpertTalx sessions our panel of guest speakers will share their expert insights into the need for secure and trustworthy systems in education and how blockchain can address these needs. The discussion will also cover use cases of blockchain in education and help you stay ahead of the curve in this rapidly changing landscape.

Session I: Blockchain from the Global Educational Perspective

Tune in to understand how some of the world’s most global educational institutions use blockchain to enhance the student experience. Learn from their trials and triumphs and know the latest blockchain technology applications

DATE:  14th March 2023, Tuesday

TIME :  3:30 pm GST

Session II: Educational Institutions Pioneering the Use of Blockchain in the MENA Region

Clear your calendar for this session, where our guest speaker from leading regional educational institution will share the value proposition of blockchain and how its application process can be specially adapted to suit the specific needs and considerations of the region.

DATE:  21st  March 2023, Tuesday

TIME: 3:30 pm GST



Paul Michael Gledhill

Paul Michael Gledhill is the co-founder of XpertLearning and MEA HR & Learning.

He is an advocate of technology solutions that provide affordances in the learning and performance support provision. A contributor to many online and print publications, Paul shares knowledge and best practice through an array of networks including thousands of IT, Learning and HR professionals.

Over the past 20 years, Paul has been actively conducting round tables, been a keynote presenter, facilitator of events, and has been hosting many conferences in the Middle East. Through these high-profile events, he has enthusiastically engaged participation and opened the minds and hearts of people wishing to enhance their knowledge using technology.



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