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XpertTalx is a platform by XpertLearning that features a series of free, interactive online sessions that bring industry experts and audiences together to share and learn. With XpertTalx, you will get to know what’s in, what’s out, and what the latest developments in the learning industry are.

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Unlike the conventional one-way expert-led widely-spread webinar, XpertTalx moves the mic around so that everyone has a say.

No presentations! No one-sided lecturing! In XpertTalx, the host spearheads the discussion with a series of questions that are answered by expert guest speakers.


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XpertTalx guest speakers are none other than our top-notch customers, partners, and influential speakers who join in to share their experience and knowledge around topics of learning and technology.  Our speakers bring together multi-functional managerial and executive-level expertise gained through years of work experience in an impressive list of award-winning companies.


Seize the opportunity and learn from the best how you can leverage both to advance your career and drive business value in your organization.





Bobbi Hartshorne

Bobbi is the Co-Founder and Chief Wellbeing at WellWise, a workplace wellbeing and culture diagnostics and strategy development consultancy designed to optimize wise organizations, leaders, and employees who understand that the employee experience and their wellbeing is a vital component of long-term career and business success.

Bobbi has 15 years-experience in public institutions and private organisations, including universities, start-ups, and large international businesses. An accomplished leader with a track-record of problem-solving, pushing boundaries, and delivering results in an international context. Bobbi offers expertise in workplace wellbeing, corporate culture, employee engagement, employer branding.

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Attendance is entirely free, and registration is open till the talk date.  However, we will send you the recorded session if you registered and missed attending.

Session Details


TOPIC: Workplace Wellbeing Strategy: Creating & Measuring Impact

DATE: 5th March 2024, Tuesday

TIME: 3:30 p.m.  GST

The importance of workplace well-being cannot be overstated. When worker well-being suffers, productivity often declines, and healthcare costs rise. Despite that, a 2022 cross-industry study by Deloitte found that only 59% of surveyed employees said that their well-being was good or excellent.

So, why are organizations failing to implement successful workplace well-being strategies? And what should well-being professionals do to set well-being strategies that deliver measurable impact? Join us in this XpertTalx session, where we will delve into how you can set up your workplace well-being strategy for measurable impact.

In this XpertTalx session, we will discuss these main key takeaways:

  • Determining your workplace well-being definition-of-done
  • Creating your workplace well-being plan and budget
  • How to use culture to get everyone on board with your strategy?
  • What to do when the workplace well-being strategy fails?





Paul Michael Gledhill

Paul Michael Gledhill is the co-founder of XpertLearning and MEA HR & Learning.

He is an advocate of technology solutions that provide affordances in the learning and performance support provision. A contributor to many online and print publications, Paul shares knowledge and best practice through an array of networks including thousands of IT, Learning and HR professionals.

Over the past 20 years, Paul has been actively conducting round tables, been a keynote presenter, facilitator of events, and has been hosting many conferences in the Middle East. Through these high-profile events, he has enthusiastically engaged participation and opened the minds and hearts of people wishing to enhance their knowledge using technology.



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