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Revolutionizing Education with Blockchain Technology Part 2

XpertTalx Episode 2 (Part 2)

In this Episode 2 -Part 2 of our blockchain discussion, our guest speaker Dr. Sreejit Chakrabarty, Director for Robotics and Artificial Intelligence at GEMS Dubai American Academy, is sharing his insights into the future outlook of blockchain as the transportation mechanism of data in the web 3.0, where all future technologies shall reside. He explores the different use cases of blockchain technology to improve the learning experience of students and the current challenges facing its implementation.

In the episode, he also discusses the competitive advantage of blockchain over other technologies in suiting the specific needs of academic institutions and dispels some of the commonly-held myths surrounding blockchain. He, further, emphasizes the role of raising student, teacher, and parent awareness of the technology to re-focus education to create the citizens of the future, not the citizens of today in order to match the rapid changes in the industry landscape outside the education sector.



Dr. Sreejit Chakrabarty

Director – Robotics and Artificial Intelligence at GEMS Dubai American Academy


Paul Michael Gledhill

Co-founder, XpertLearning

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