The audio-visual impact of video-based programs locks in learners’ attention and greatly enhances retention. You can select from our various types of video-based programs to achieve your organization’s learning objectives.

Whiteboard Explainer Videos

Less slides and more creative, whiteboard explainers are a creative animated solution that allows you to showcase your content in an engaging bite-sized video format.

It mimics the way professors teach a classroom of students with the help of diagrams on a whiteboard. They are known as the most effective type of explainer video animation because of their minimalistic design – simple line drawings on a whiteboard that allow viewers to concentrate on the content.

Built on the principles of familiarity, whiteboard videos are effective because almost every learner knows how whiteboard teaching works!


2D Animated Videos

With our 2D animated videos, both characters and scenes are created in 2D using perspective in order to recreate the illusion of depth. Widely used with characters or motion graphics, this sort of style enables scenario-based storytelling that can set the context of the message in a compelling manner.
With their ability to represent audio-visual content in a concise and compelling manner, videos are an excellent format for learning that sticks!


Infographic Animated Videos

Another variation of video content! Infographic videos are motion graphic videos that are highly packed with facts, data, numbers, charts, and all other kinds of statistics. If you are aiming to explain, educate, or inform your learners of concepts that rely heavily on information, infographic videos are the right choice for you!


Kinetic Typography Videos

Bring your words to life with these videos! By adding animation to typography, the ideas that are best conveyed in words are expressed in a video format. The use of colour and movement, paired with the proper music and voiceover, creates an unexpected rhythm that will keep your learners watching to see where you are headed.

Ideal for conveying value-related behaviours, principles, or any set of rules or procedures you would like to disseminate.


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