Building on our long experience with organizations of all sizes, we provide solutions of varying capabilities for clients who just want something simple. If you are looking for an easy, simple, and fast custom content solution, here are some of the solutions we can offer you.

Rapidly-Authored Programs

A super-quick solution for your immediate training needs!
If you already have an impressive library of training programs in slide format, and all you seek is to transform this body of training material into self-paced online programs, then our rapidly-authored programs are the best solution for you. We use rapid authoring tools to transform your conventional but informative slides into digital programs that help you make the transition to e-learning fast.
Wondering how fast? It takes only one week from order to delivery, and, definitely, without compromising on quality.


Page Turners

Slightly more advanced than our rapidly-authored programs, page-turners are simple self-paced online programs that feature a linear sequence of slides the learner can go back and forth through. Ideal for basic information transfer, page-turners are an effective learning format for communicating simple and straightforward concepts.
With minimal interaction, these programs feature:

  • Graphics, Stock images, and simple animations
  • Rollovers
  • Basic quiz questions


Localized & Translated

We provide localisation and translation services to help extend your training programs across borders.

We understand that a globalised and diverse workforce needs its training programmes in their local languages, so we develop localized e-learning programs for you or can localize your already-existing programs. We provide our translation and localization services in many languages such as Arabic, Chinese, Turkish, and many more languages.

Our language experts ensure the translation is done in a way that meaning and context are not lost. We make sure that linguistic checks are made and reviewed to ensure that the output is in line with


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