The EssentialSkillz compliance eLearning system provides Health and Safety eLearning and Online Employee Risk Assessment for your whole organisation.

EssentialSkillz is a leading global supplier of online safety training and risk assessment software. Established in 2001, EssentialSkillz has offices in the UK, US and Ireland and is recognised as a market leader for Health and Safety eLearning. We have more than 400 blue-chip customers worldwide with around 500 000 employees using our eLearning courses.

EssentialSkillz offers Health and Safety courses, HR eLearning courses and a DSE Risk Assessment.

Our Health and Safety courses are designed to help you quickly and efficiently roll out relevant, targeted training to your workforce. A continually expanding library of courses covering key topics and policies in HR eLearning and online employee Risk Assessment for DSE, Driving, Lone Working and much more. Our training courses have a unique functionality to analyse and manage risk efficiently and effectively. All courses are fully editable.

Our best selling product is ErgoWize, a cost-effective and time-saving DSE training and risk assessment software solution that enables our customers to easily comply with the DSE regulations. Other subjects covered by our award-winning courses range from Manual Handling to Safe Driving, Safety Induction, Safety for Managers, Stress & Wellbeing, Environmental Awareness, and Fire Safety.

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