We believe we can help institutions successfully implement digital transformation programs by providing a phased budget relief on the platform and services that allow them to redirect short-term investment in capability-building and content production. We have designed a 3-year financial support program plan called DT123.

How to Qualify

Here are three simple requirements to get started:

You must be a new customer of Open LMS
You need to be an education institution
you need to target more than 2,000 learners.

Grow your online strategy. We’re here for you!

Our 3-year digital transformation plan significantly reduces initial LMS investment costs so you can invest in developing key capabilities to increase the quality, adoption, and success of your online programs.

Frequently asked questions

1Why is this only for new Open LMS?

There are many institutions that are not Open LMS customers and that have different ranges of maturity in their online learning initiatives. Some of those institutions had no plans to go online this year or have no capabilities to produce online content at scale. With the digital transformation program, we are mainly aiming to help those institutions.

That said, it you already are an Open LMS customer and have similar challenges, please reach out to us, there are other ways we can assist you.

2Why is this only for education institutions?

This transformation plan is tailored to support the specific challenges that education institutions are going through. There are particularities and a different set of challenges that corporate organizations are going through. If this plan doesn’t apply for your case, please reach out to us, we have some other options for you.

3 Why is this only for more than 2,000 learners?

Mainly because of the financial implications that this relief represent to our costs. We are able to provide significant budget and cash flow relief on this program for institutions that have more than 2,000 learners. For cases below that usage band, we have other alternatives. Please get in touch and we can explore those with you.

4 Why is this a 3-year program?

Institutions needed to think of the Digital Transformation even before COVID for reasons such as increasing competition, the criticality of online programs, and new learner expectations. This transformation takes time and requires long term planning, alignment, and steering to succeed.

A 3-year program allows institutions to deliver results, learn, and adapt processes thinking of online learning as a long-term strategy, not as a short-term emergency measure. At the same time, it allows us to provide significant budget and cash-flow relief to institutions via a long-term relationship.

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