Global organizations need a common language to serve international customers, collaborate across borders and unlock the full potential of a global workforce.

At XpertLearning we design Business English programs that deliver measurable business impact by removing language and cultural barriers, so every global worker is empowered to contribute and thrive. We don’t just teach English. We help our customers develop and manage Business English programs that deliver measurable impact on their business performance.

Our Approach

Our approach to business language training is built on three pillars

  • Experienced Trainers
  • Flexible and Intuitive Technology
  • Relevant Highly specific content

All of this is supported by our progressive learning methodology

Our Solutions

Our solutions combine language assessments, flexible self-paced learning programs, personal coaching, blended learning, group and trained-led cultural learning with program management tools to accelerate individual learning and optimize global deployments.

We help customers and their employees to get the job done—whether that job is assessing the Business English proficiency of new recruits, driving collaboration across a global organisation, improving levels of customer service, or preparing executives for an international presentation. We break these down into three categories:

Fundamental language skills

Reading, writing, speaking and listening skills.

Industry-specific dialects

The verbiage associated with a certain industry.

Practical business communications skills

These include presenting, negotiating, explaining a new idea and more.

Value Proposition

  • Build better teams—by improving communication and collaboration
  • Improve staff morale and retention—by helping individuals better themselves
  • Improve individual performance—by instilling confidence
  • Conquer new markets—with a team that is confident in cross-
    cultural business
  • Inspire loyalty among expat staff by making them feel at


We create high impact and engaging Custom Content solutions that aid in the seamless alignment of your company’s learning and performance goals with its business objectives.

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