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Digital Learner Experience Program D-LEP


Often HR and Learning managers are keen to try online digital learning, especially in these COVID 19 times. However, they are unsure how to execute the program and if they can build a positive return on the investment.

At the end of the day its the learners themselves that determine the success of the program with their engagement and adoption which drives performance improvement and a positive ROI.


What is D-LEP?

The Digital Learner Experience is a complimentary program for all your employees to try new skills
or refine their existing skill set.

What does D-LEP include?

The D-LEP includes eLearning courses, and videos on titles varying from Digital Transformation,Technology & Development, Compliance, Leadership, Business Skills, and more… D-LEP features an exclusive learning program powered by the MIT Sloan Management Review to grow your leadership abilities.

How can these courses be accessed?

The courses are accessible through the Learning Experience Platform- Percipio. Percipio delivers highly engaging learning experiences, curated into nearly 700 learning paths. The platform is continuously updated to ensure that the user gets access to the latest skills. With Percipio the user gets access to a broad range of features.

How long does D-LEP last for?

Essentially it is a complimentary 30-day program. However, depending on the number of employees you have, we can extend the program.

Can we track the learner activity?

Absolutely, as we provide a comprehensive data analysis report which we talk through every week
throughout the program. These insights are valuable to establish decisions for your learning
strategy moving forward.

What if at the end of the program we decide not to move forward with digital

That’s fine by us there is no obligation on your part at all. You will have gathered and learned many things to inform your decision

What about service and support?

XpertLearning will be with you every step of the way to support you with any IT or Customer
service issues that may arise.

How do we start?

There is a short agreement with a non-disclosure, the number of users, and the start date. Once
this is signed, we build the platform, then we schedule a highly recommend 30-minute kick-off
meeting for all learners to get them onboard.


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