Oratorio University

World Leading online Media and Presentation Training. XpertLearning is pleased to announce its partnership with Oratorio University, featuring two new video-based online learning products, designed to help professionals at all levels communicate more effectively and easily in a wide range of public speaking situations. Oratorio University is designed by Oratorio, the leading professional communications training company in the U.SMany professionals dread the idea of developing and delivering a speech or presentation. And similarly, the thought of facing the news media in a television, radio or print interview can also be intimidating. But executives and officials at every level of corporations and government agencies must develop the skills to create and deliver compelling, convincing and credible speeches and presentations – and many must also know how to effectively face the news media in good times and bad.

Our partners Susan Tomai and Bill Connor and their Oratorio team are award-winning broadcast journalists who used to be press correspondents in the White House, and are tasked with coaching senior officials from around the world the power of persuasive sound bites and compelling presentations. In their TV studio located three blocks from the White House in Washington and in locations around the world, they serve senior-level clients from business, government, politics, associations and more. For the best in online Media and presentation training click below for a demo and more information.