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Online Leadership Courses

We believe that Leadership development is for the masses and not just an elite few. Leaders come in all shapes and sizes with differing requirements and learning styles. Our eLearning courses and online leadership packages are our biggest selling content areas and there is a good reason why

Either select from our entire leadership course curriculum, mix and match individual leadership courses or speak to us about the best Knowledge Centers or packaged online leadership solutions.


  • Leadership Essentials (20)
  • Making Cross-Functional Teams Work (6)
  • The Voice of Leadership (4)
  • Creating a Positive Work Environment (1)
  • Employee Engagement (2)
  • Developing a Culture of Learning (4)
  • Effective Succession Planning (5)
  • Setting and Managing Organizational Priorities (5)
  • Leading Organizational Change (9)
  • Leveraging Leadership Techniques (1)
  • Creating a Positive Atmosphere (2)

HR Professional KnowledgeCenter™

Improve the skills of your HR professionals:

Skillsoft®’s  HR Professional KnowledgeCenter  enables hands-on learning, providing more than courses and books—it introduces an array of resources designed and chosen to challenge and motivate every member of the team.

What is a KnowledgeCenter

A Skillsoft KnowledgeCenter is a single, focused interface where learners can receive instant and ongoing skill development and performance support. The KnowledgeCenter offers a breadth of targeted learning resources including formal learning paths, informal on-the-job learning and a range of other resources.

Develop your HR Professionals

HR Professional KnowledgeCenter allows learners to access articles, courses and online books specifically chosen by experts to facilitate learning regardless of skill level. Additionally, the HR Professional KnowledgeCenter includes useful job aids and SkillBriefs™  so your

HR professionals can learn and practice relevant skills in a real-world environment. The

KnowledgeCenter provides resources for employees needing key recruiting and interviewing skills, employees implementing HR policies and employees seeking HR certifications.

Other Leadership solutions below

  • The Welch Way
  • Skillsoft Leadership Advantage
  • Skillsoft Leadership knowledge Center
  • The Leadership Development Collection (videos on demand)
  • The continuous leadership journey

See our full curriculum here to drill down into all the course objectives.
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