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XpertLearning is pleased to announce its partnership with 6one5. 6one5 is a leading consulting group that specializes in retail

and consumer markets. 6one5 offers consulting services and training programs aimed at improving retail and business profitability.
It has a series of retail management and frontline eLearning and apps that are delivered in 22 different languages worldwide and is a thought leader in use of apps, mobile and eLearning to empower and develop retail managers and associates.


They create extraordinary results using 6one5 philosophy. This says that when you:

Increase sales by 6%

improve margins by 1%

Reduce costs by 5%

you can achieve up to double the current profit of your stores, depending on the margin!

6one5 has worked with clients from all corners of the globe. 6one5’s overall expertise is broad, innovative and adaptable to the needs of diverse cultures and countries. Our focus is on supporting growth and the bottom line performance in a competitive world.

6one5 readily converts training programs to the needs and languages of diverse countries. When necessary we provide high standard trainers to facilitate programs in the local language. We have the capability to support large companies in rolling out programs on a global scale.


Their success lies with the expertise and passion they bring to every project. Each engagement is based on understanding and adding value to client’s business. Their professional team possess the background and experience to work within Australia as well as globally.