Communicate with Confidence – GlobalEnglish Graduation Ceremony

Communicate with Confidence – GlobalEnglish Graduation Ceremony

It’s been a year since I attended the orientation program for the 2016/2017 GlobalEnglish Program, hosted by Multiplex Constructions LLC in conjunction with XpertLearning, in June of last year.  The objective of this program was to support thirty Multiplex employees; male, female, supervisory and managerial, in their journey to improve their business English communication skills and more over their self-confidence.

They did it!  These thirty employees, or participants, graduated this month from the GlobalEnglish Program (formerly known as Pearson English) with flying colours!

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The graduation ceremony began with a welcome note from the Multiplex Executive Team and Program Committee and lead into a sharing of the learning experience, skill applications and future strategy presented by each employee and their program group.  All participants within the program had positive feedback and thanked Multiplex and GlobalEnglish for the opportunity and continual support throughout the lifetime of the program.  One of the participants even mentioned that GlobalEnglish was a “magic program” for him.

Multiplex employee Edward Martin, HR Executive and one of the four program committee members said, “There was an extremely substantial and observable positive change seen in all participants.  From orientation to graduation, the change has been night’n’day”.

Mr. Angus Saunders, Head of Learning and Development at Multiplex, said, “There has been a lot of improvement in the workplace; tasks being completed faster and more accurately that has been reported by the participant’s managers to our support team”.  Mr. Saunders further mentioned that “[We] are seeing a lot of passion in all the participants, as well as the eagerness to learn and improve, which is what we are striving to utilise in as many ways as we can”.

XpertLearning Senior Consultant, Mr. Farhan Bhatti, shared the statistics of the year’s program with the graduating group (a record of how the online features were utilised) and mentioned, “This year’s batch has outperformed, taking the number one spot within the region and I’m glad to say that many of the participants have completed the top level (10)”.  He further thanked the management and the members for spending their time and effort to make this program a success.

To formally conclude the 2016/2017 GlobalEnglish Program, all participants were awarded their completion certificates by Mr. Saunders and Mrs. Emma McKain, People and Marketing Manager.  Here’s wishing to further successful years of communication and personal development!

– Eleanor Rodrigues, Research & Marketing Consultant at XpertLearning

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