Dubai Dragon Boat Festival 2017

XpertLearning Dragon Slayers at the Dubai Dragon Boat Festival

The Culture Village Marina was abuzz with paddlers, patrons, and partying at this year’s Dubai Dragon Festival from 21 – 22 April 2017.  The atmosphere was one of excitement, of anticipation, and of fierce yet friendly competition as the community of Dragon Boat enthusiasts in Dubai celebrated one of the most anticipated races of the season.  Paddlers from different companies, along with race teams, have participated as corporate representatives, including the XpertLearning Dragon Slayers.

The Dragon Slayers did exceptionally well in the 2-day event, placing 1st on all the elimination rounds and semi-finals, while all finishing times well under the 50-second mark.

Having to qualify for the Corporate Cup was definitely a step up from the Dragon Slayers’ previous performance and on the 2nd day, they found themselves rowing against the best teams in Dubai.  Their 45.78-second finish may have landed them the 4th place in the competition, however, this was a personal best for the Slayers.

Paul Michael Gledhill, Co-Founder and Executive Director of XpertLearning, said “we are so proud of the guys, their level of fitness and commitment is paramount to success and they give it all they have to strive to be better each time they race. Above all though it’s the enjoyment and sense of comradery that is plain to see by everyone. I would urge anyone who has not tried dragon boat racing to give it a try. You don’t need to be a professional athlete to compete and it is easy to learn and improve within your first few races.  Looking forward to seeing you all out on the water”.

Onward to the next competition, with heads held high.  The XpertLearning Dragon Slayers have leveled-up!



– Katrina Bituin, Learning Consultant at XpertLearning

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