Online Learning Research for the GCC 2014-2015

Online Learning and Talent Management Survey UAE 2014

Executive Summary

At the height of the dotcom boom, e-Learning was tipped as the next big thing in workplace education, with experts predicting that the future was moving to learning and talent management online. Nowadays, e-Learning (or Online-Learning) is one of the fastest growing sectors in the education market, worth $3-4 billion a year already and poised for further growth. To investigate the current status of Online-Learning adoption in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) a survey was conducted using expert participants at a conference organised by XpertLearning in November 2014. The key objective of the survey was to obtain an overview of companies in the UAE that already use Online-Learning and those that were investigating this learning modality.

Overview of Survey

The survey consisted a total of 16 questions 4 of which were posed around demographics and 12 questions are seen as part of the research in this report.

Demographics & Survey Results

The survey was completed by representatives of 80 large companies within different industries in the UAE. All participants were either Training and Learning Development Specialists or senior HR professionals. 75% of the participants stated that some form of Online-Learning was being used within their organisation.

Observations and Highlights

  • Almost half the organisations surveyed had an increase in their L&D budget for 2015 with only approximately 10% reduced and the rest remaining at the same levels.
  • Over 80% had said online learning had played a significant role in their L&D strategy.
  • All participants had expressed that video based learning was either important or extremely important as a learning modality.
  • Only approximately 25% had deployed social networking for learning with 16% of those unable to correlate any success from this.


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