The end of the book as we know it…

As Amazon announces that for the first time they have sold more Virtual Books than Paperback books, analysts have claimed that the “moment of cross-over has arrived. Digital is becoming the dominant route to the reader.”

XpertLearning’s William Spindloe (Business Development Director) comments: “Having been involved in the sale of training and education materials for 20 years, we are now seeing a definitive paradigm shift in how these materials are being accessed.”

With XpertLearning’s online books solution offering access to more than 25,000 digitized IT and business books, as well as book summaries and executive reports, now is the time to join the shift to online content libraries.

Hamdan Bin Mohammed University Annual Congress 2011

XpertLearning’s very own Paul Michael Gledhill (Director and Co-Founder) will be participating at this years Annual Congress 2011. Some of our team will be attending as guests also and we are thoroughly looking forward to the event.

The event is being held at the prestigious Atlantis, The Palm, Dubai.

Please follow the link for more information…

“My passion is creative and innovative technology based learning, it will be an exciting forum rubbing shoulders with some of the globes leading figures in the e-Learning industry converging at the Atlantis in Dubai” – Paul Michael Gledhill, Director and Co-Founder, XpertLearning.

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