e-Learning Boat lose big time at Dubai International Dragon Boat Festival

Dubai, April 04, 2010. Xpert Learning took part in the 3rd Dubai International Dragon Boat Festival, which was held at the Festival Marina, Dubai Festival City. More than 40 teams participated in the event, which was broken down into 4 separate categories, namely Premier Mixed, Corporate Cup, School/University Cup and More Premier Women. The Xpert Learning Team, aboard their e-Learning Boat, competed within the Corporate Cup.

In true stereotypical fashion, the members of the e-Learning boat, who the other competitors labelled, ‘The Geeks’, came last in their race.

Paul Michael Gledhill, Director and Co-Founder of Xpert Learning and Captain of the e-Learning Boat said: “We were getting lots of jibes from the other teams about us plotting an e-Learning course on Dragon Boating techniques on laptops and not being able to even finish. But our team never stopped rowing and put such a brave and valiant effort. So, we were the true winners on the day!”

“Some of our crew members had never even been in a boat, never mind rowing us to victory, but our attitude was to go out there, enjoy the day and at all costs, cross that finish line,” he added.

In a formal statement, the Directors of Xpert Learning, who sponsored the e-Learning Boat, reiterated their confidence in the e-Learning boat crew after the race and blamed the weather for the race results. “It is obvious that the wind and the bad start were the only reasons for our loss, otherwise I think we would have gone on to the finals and been the eventual winners.”

According to Janine Croft, Managing Director of Xpert Learning, the event was very well-organized. “The organizers did a magnificent job throughout the tournament and everything ran smoothly,” declared Janine.

Asim Saeed, Account Consultant at Xpert Learning and one of the crew members, drove the team ahead with a pretty inspiring and motivational song. “We sang ‘row row row your boat gently down the stream’, but perhaps that wasn’t the right song choice to get to the finish line first”, said Asim.

Rana Khoury, e-Learning Assessment Specialist and Project Manager at Xpert Learning, maintained a fighting spirit despite losing the race. “We would challenge the other teams to some online assessments and see how well they do,” affirmed Rana, with much determination.

Nabeel Nazeer, Technical Consultant at Xpert Learning, shared Rana’s spirit. “We have already started training for next year’s event, we know where we went wrong this time. Watch out for us next year!”

Riham Khoury, Account Manager at Xpert Learning, was one of the few, if not only, covered women who took part in the race. “I loved representing all the covered women out there. It was great and I had so much fun with the crew,” said Riham.

Nina Dubash, Account Consultant at Xpert Learning, blamed the sea water for the team’s loss. “I got a mouth full of water and felt sick, otherwise we would have won,” declared Nina. She further added that “it was an amazing experience, nonetheless and we all had so much fun.”

Musfir (Tom) Khawaja, Account Consultant at Xpert Learning, felt that the event was amazing and truly lived up to his expectations. “The event was awesome, it was well-organized, all the teams were motivated. One could just sense the competitiveness in the air. I think our team did really well, with the minimal training that we had and considering that it was a first for all of us,” he expressed.

As part of its ongoing support and gratitude to its customers, Xpert Learning invited some of them to join the e-Learning Boat and be part of the experience.

Badia Bouhaddou, Business Coordinator at the Finance Department of Noor Islamic Bank, loved the event. “I feel extremely proud of being part of such a wonderful team and I would like to thank all of you for the amazing time I spent with you all. Participating in such an event for the first time makes me feel like I was a winner already even before the race started!” said Badia.

She further enthusiastically added that, “the fact that we even got on the boat was already enough for us to declare victory. I was very much inspired by the challenge and look forward to future events with Xpert Learning. I will not consider us as a loser but a winner since we were the 4th team to cross the finish line!”

DharamVeer Sood, Assistant Manager at Rivoli Group, took a philosophical stance when asked how his experience about the event was. “Like the wise Panda would’ve said, the dragon boat event was AWESOMENESS! It’s the most fun I have had doing anything ‘official’, thanks to the Xpert Learning Team and the rest of the e-learning (boat) team!”

Teng Chin Huat, ex-Project Manager at LCL Interiors, was full of emotions at the event. “I was born in Penang, a state in Malaysia where Dragon Boat is very famous. Nevertheless, it took me around the world and out of the state to experience the 1st Dragon Boat ride of my life…How awesome! I enjoyed the experience. Hope that we can do it again next time…and get the trophy home,” declared Teng.

Janet Luu, Shop Designer at Al Tayer, was full of praise for the Xpert Learning team. “It was a great experience racing with the Xpert Learning team. I met a fantastic group of people,” said Janet.

Ailyn Mapa, Administrator at Axiom Telecom, echoed Janet’s thoughts. “Thank you for that wonderful opportunity knowing you is a kind of a victory in itself. Nice meeting you all,” said Ailyn, who gave the team an extra edge with her extra burst of energy.

Zerses Dubash, Group Marketing Manager at Reach International, gave a very extended and amazing feedback about the event. “I would start by thanking all you wonderful people for the beautiful time that we had together for this event. Indeed, it was an event and a sport where the meaning of teamwork, literally has to get implemented. On a personal note, I thoroughly enjoyed all the moments and the entire course of the event. A special mention and thanks to the Xpert Learning team for including me within the event as your one of your own members”.

He further added: “A special mention to Paul for his timely humorous spells and energy that kept us giggling and in smiles all the time.The entire team was filled with enthusiasm and ready to go and once we were in the boat, there was no looking back. And then we started rowing the “e-learning boat” (as Paul would say). All that matters is that we gave in all our best, thoroughly enjoyed the entire bit of this experience and at the end of the day, participation is the first step to victory. So I can very well say that we have cleared the first step and slowly and steadily, with a XPERT team like Xpert Learning, victory is within reach”.

All in all, the Dragon Boat event was a huge success and was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone who participated and came to watch. Being a sport that is all about positive team spirit, being healthy, making friends and having fun, it truly lived up to its characteristics and most importantly, to everyone’s expectations.

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