XpertLearning offer a comprehensive array of services based around assessment.

Software Skills Test and Assessment Libraries : Our assessment library is constantly growing to embrace the changing world of business. It is easily configurable into your existing systems and offers the option of creating custom-built assessments, tailored to your industry sector.  Remember our skills tests and training tools can be delivered in-house, or accessed remotely. You can set up as many candidates as you need, for as many tests as you need. The candidate can even complete them in their own time. Score reports are fed back to you, by the XpertLearning administrator, instantly upon completion. The Performance Management System allows you to compare scores and keep a full score history on each assessment completed.

For a full catalog of our Skills Test libraries click here 

Enterprise Exam Engine
We offer an exam portal which is a robust, sophisticated exam authoring and delivery environment. Originally developed to meet the demanding requirements of highly regulated industries, this exam engine enables assessments to be treated and delivered as objects, thus extending the capability of ordinary assessments authoring to include flexibility and power in the management of assessments.

It is designed to maximize the productivity of people involved in developing and managing assessments, as well as regulatory compliance requirements. It enables your organization to manage the entire assessment process with optimal control and security.

The Exams Engine is optimized for Authoring, scheduling, delivering, tracking, and reporting of:

  • Competencies and skills tests
  • Regulatory and compliance assessments
  • Licensing and certifications
  • Professional qualifications
  • Quality assessments
  • Knowledge assessments
  • Performance assessments
  • Quizzes, surveys, questionnaires & recruitment-related applications
  • Security and compliance
  • Flexibility and configurable


Course Tests

Practically all of our thousands of courses are built with pre and post assessments. All of our courseware is designed to be tracked to offer the most comprehensive reports to show the progression and achievements to both the learners and the business.

Language Assessments

Our comprehensive adaptive assessments for Business Language is not only cost effective but leads to a full training needs plan with clear time frames for level improvements

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We will create custom online learning platform, which will suit your company best.



We will create custom online learning platform, which will suit your company best.