Xpert Learning set to participate in the 5th Annual GCC Nationalisation Summit

Dubai, April 25 – 29, 2010. The Middle East region’s longest running and highly acclaimed Nationalisation event is back. The 5th Annual GCC Nationalisation Summit 2010 is not just another HR event. It is designed to incorporate the region’s leading Nationalisation programmes and it will tackle the attraction, retention and development strategies that companies are now facing whilst arming themselves with proven solutions that they can implement in their future and existing Nationalisation programmes. This year, the event will be held from the 25th to the 29th of April 2010 at Arjaan Rotana Hotel, Dubai Media City, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

The event will include speeches and workshops led by GCC Nationalisation industry leaders who will share exclusive best practices and case studies on implementing the latest techniques and programmes, challenges faced and successful solutions.

Paul Michael Gledhill, Director and Co-Founder of Xpert Learning, has been appointed as a workshop leader during the event. Mr. Gledhill has more than 7 years of experience in the field of e-Learning. He has been recognized as an expert in this field both in the region and internationally by peers both within and outside the industry. Mr. Gledhill has also been actively conducting round tables and has been hosting many conferences, most of which he was appointed Master of Ceremonies. Through these high-profile events, he has enthusiastically engaged participation and opened the minds and hearts of people wishing to enhance their knowledge using technology.

Mr. Gledhill will be leading an interactive workshop entitled ‘Sustainable employee engagement and empowering company culture’, on Wednesday 28 April 2010 (13:30 for 13:45 start at 16:45 for 17:00 finish with a 30 minutes break mid afternoon) at the Arjaan Rotana Hotel. An overview of this workshop, which promises to be very thought-provoking, follows:

Workshop Overview
How do you know if your employees are actually satisfied, happy, motivated or even engaged in their day-to-day roles? Do they talk about your organisation outside of the office or what do they say? This workshop will show you how to create an engaging, interactive environment that Nationals will find hard to leave.

By attending this workshop you will be able to:

– Build a company culture that engages all employees
– Look at programmes to empower your employees and to make them loyal advocates of the organisation
– Understand where there may be current problems and explore how you can eradicate them

For more information on how to register for this event and attend the workshop, please contact Paul Michael Gledhill via paul.gledhill@xpertlearning.com or call +97143910503.